Sunday, October 07, 2012

Mountain Dew oh how I love Yew

So, going through my collection of tabs and bottle tops to calculate how much liquid I have been drinking - I do believe that this is a pretty accurate and up-to-date list.  I might have missed a drink here or there but in the grand scheme one or two drinks is not going to throw this all out of balance.

Running Totals
Diet Dew: 300 Oz
Water: 219.7 Oz
Gatorade: 64 Oz
Miller Lite: 36 Oz
Orange Rockstar: 32 Oz
Bud Lite: 24 Oz
Diet Pepsi: 16 Oz
Diet Coke: 16 Oz
White Rockstar: 16 Oz

I have read 3 chapters of a book while at work.  This does not put me on pace to actually reach my goal of reading 2 books by the time the month is over but at the same time it's a start.  Most of my free time has been busy staying out of the house or watching TV seasons.  All I need is a couple evenings per month to read instead of going out or watching shows and getting back on pace will be easy.

Exercise has been nil since the move.  I haven't started sit-ups and I have no excuse other than laziness, but push-ups is just an aging body.  After the move my shoulder bothered me for over a week - the same shoulder where I tore my rotator cuff about 5 years back.  Today I feel like I have a sprained wrist.  I'm getting old and breaking down.

I've played a minimal amount of Video Games but think that I'm over an hour so far for the month.  That number will increase as I have a Strat Game today and need to get that in.

Now, my newly ordered NFL Package is awaiting me.


  1. You're drinking dew like water. Ha ha ha ha. Ha ha. Ha. Uh.

    1. Yeah - it's a bit of a problem lol.

      I start my day with a Dew and have a few in between. I need to start grabbing more water more often.
      Or, more beer.

  2. You are better off drinking regular Dew instead of Diet Dew, diet drinks are made to be addictive drinks compared to the non diet drinks. You are way behind on water, you are probably dehydrated 99% of the time.

    1. I had to stop drinking regular Dew (pretty much all soda's for that matter) years ago because my body wasn't handling the sugar properly.

      and yes, I probably am dehydrated a good amount of time - I've been trying to add more water into my diet while I'm at work instead of all the soda's and whatnot.

  3. Yowsa -- over a case of Diet Mountain Dew. Of course, I alternate between your soda of choice and Diet Dr Pepper. More water would certainly be better. Of course, we know that someday we will hear about something in diet soda that has been bad for us all these years. But ... if yo had been drinking regular Dew, just think of all the empty sugar calories you would have consumed.

    How about the food? It seems to me that food has been more of an issue for you -- too much fast food, not enough veggies and low callorie whole foods.

    1. Food is the biggest change I have made to my life this year.
      I have begun eating a lot more fruits and veggies and cutting out 90% of the Fast Food that I ate.

      Biggest shift was packing my own lunch instead of heading over to any of the random Fast Food Joints near work.

      This is what I typically bring to work and eat over the course of my 9 hours there.
      1 kiwi - 1 Banana - 1 small bag of grapes.
      5-8 Baby Carrots
      2 Waters - 2 Diet Dews
      1 Salad w/ Lettuce, lunch meat, pepperoni and cucumbers.
      I am now using Low Fat Italian Dressing and cut out the Ranch
      I also bring a snack pack sized bag of chips/doritos/etc or two and this is the next thing I'm looking at cutting out.

      Dinner is random but I'm going to start eating a salad with it to help fill me up and cut down my dinner portions.

      This has helped me drop nearly 40 pounds so far this year.