Saturday, October 06, 2012

Weight Loss - Decisions Decisions Decisions

Yeah, Imma day early.  Whatever.
I suppose there is no real point in keeping track of how many days I have been doing this so I've decided to cut that junk out for now.  However the last few days I have made a discovery...

You see, I had my fat person pants and then I had some pants and shorts that I was wearing a size ago.  Everything beyond that has been tossed as far as I know.  So, the fat person size has been too big on me for a while now.  Lately they have become way too big on me.  It takes me contorting my legs and body into special ways just to get my pants to stay up long enough to tuck my shirt in and tighten my belt.  This is always a nice big win for the guy trying to be less fat.

Two days ago I was wearing a pair of shorts that were the size down.  I came home and undid my belt and they just slid right off.  THIS is a huge fucking smile.  Now I realize it was after a day of wear and they had time to adjust and stretch a bit over the course of the day but they still slid right fucking off and down to my ankles leaving me standing there like a horny guy on prom night at the first sign that his girl was now willing to play tonsil hokey with his tally whacker!  So, while I'm not quite down another size, I'm in-between sizes, I do know that it's coming soon.... very soon.

So, that leads to my decision.  When losing weight, when do you start buying smaller clothes.  I made the jump right away with some T-shirts that I buy off of, but with pants being much more expensive I'm pretty sure I'm going heading down the TBC route here and continuing to wear pants that are close to 2 sizes too big.  Just notch the belt and deal with it.  I'm a cheap ass - so I hate the idea of buying pants at one size and then actually spending money on them again later in the year.  Pants are not a casual buy for me, they are an investment.  I have pants in my closet from 4 years back probably.  Maybe 5 years.  Some of them are the next size that I'll be wearing but at the same time I'm not particularly fond of the style any more for various reasons and as such I just want to toss them (Actually, I'll donate them, but no use arguing semantics).

I've also been thinking about working in a more dress style pant and this would be a great excuse to buy a few of those, but once again I struggle with the spending of the money.  I could buy Video Games or Blue Rays with that money.  I could buy a night out on the town or a rub and tug ;-p with that money.  I'm sure that within the next month or so I'll make the right decision (and request a pair or two for Xmas) so really I'm just arguing with myself over nothing anyway.  But, it's what I do.

Today I jumped on the scale and am approaching 260.  My ongoing struggle, for the last few weeks, has emerged from the plateau and I've started to see a nice slow decline again.

In other news Yakshi is my number 41 - I can't wait to see who gets the honor of being 42.
Yakshi has been following me for longer than I have been following him as he runs the blog Not Necessarily Something which I have linked to previously and think is very worthwhile to follow.
Also, when I see his name I keep thinking of a mis-mash between Rikishi (former WWE Wrestler) and the Yakuza (Japanese Crime Lords).  Weird.  However, do note that this man Fucks Stephen King (and that right there is a reason to go read his blog RIGHT THIS INSTANT).

I belong to a site called raptr which tracks time spent playing video games.  Pretty much it's only use is to track how much time you have spent playing on Xbox Live because the functionality does not exist to track PS3 games played, and this is why I basically stopped using it.
However, I got an email (must be something new they are doing to remind people like me that they site still exists) stating that I played over 13 hours of Gears of War 3 the previous week when my buddy was in town and visiting.  I knew we played a lot but didn't realize that I had put in that much time.  So, praise be to grrouch for the gaming time.

Tomorrow I'm thinking of writing up a summary of my liquid consumption so that I can try to get on a weekly tracking for that.  I'm also hoping to report that my scale dipped below 260 for the first time in probably 4 years...  This is something that I WANT to happen and am actually going to have to force myself to eat properly today so that I'm forcing it to happen just because I starved myself.  It's so close I can taste it, well that and the delicious cheese cake I have sitting in my fridge waiting for me to chow down on it :)

What are y'alls weekend plans?  Gaming? Reading? Poker?
I'm paying bills and watching some Dexter today, then I'm going to play with my new Direct TV and start setting it to record some shows that I want to catch up on.


  1. It is amazing with how little in the way of pants guys can survive as long as they have a pair or two of jeans. My weight has been stable since December and I still have not made that trip I dread. Buying pants? Torture.

    1. After thinking it over I might hit up a goodwill or salvation army just to buy a couple pair of casual dress pants for work.
      This way I'm not spending a whole lot while transitioning but still updating my wardrobe

  2. Going to Goodwill is probably your best bet. It's inexpensive and when you lose more, you can take them back and buy other ones.

    I still had my older ones that I fit into again. So thankfully I don't have to buy new ones. I can just "shop" my closet for clothes that fit again. Yay! Yeah, I'm cheap too. ;o)