Friday, October 26, 2012

Spiderman 3 - Years later

I know that earlier this year I may have complained a little bit about rebooting series so close to when they actually came out.  Spiderman may or may not have been mentioned specifically.

After being forced to sit through most of Spiderman 3 again today I want to retract anything I may have said in the past and go with "Thank god this series got rebooted."
It's not that I don't love Sam Rami and what he did with the series.  I thought the 1st movie was well done and the 2nd was pretty badass as well.  Maybe I'll think differently when I go back and re-watch them both next year and maybe I won't.  What is important is that I came to talk about Spiderman 3 a bit.

I totally get why they decided to do a reboot instead of continue with anything involving that last trilogy and it's because Spiderman 3 was a steaming pile of pigeon excrement.  I don't know where Rami got off the track.  Maybe he started drinking heavily and had some bad delusions   Maybe he stopped drinking heavily and it ruined his MoJo.  I don't know what the problem is.  What I do know is that Spiderman 3 is fucking awful and painful to watch.  I think it's akin to going out to dinner and ordering your favorite meal.  It shows up and you are digging the scents and then you pull the cover off of your mashed potatoes.  Well, what is supposed to be your mashed potatoes, but instead it's a steaming pile of cow shit with garlic and parsley.

I own the Blue Ray of Spiderman 3 but only because it was given to me by a "friend."  Some friend.
In fact, it's the only one of the Spidey movies that I actually own.  Today was the first day that it has ever "graced" my Blue Ray player and will probably be the last time as well.  I watched the movie when it came out and remember bitching about that little prissy emo bastard and the shitty acting.  I also distinctly remember really hating the ending of it.
So, if I remember correctly (I shut it off long before it got to this point again) the ending went something like this.
"I'm the Green Goblins kid and I want to fucking Kill Peter Parker because that asshole killed my dad"
"Peter Parker isn't a bad guy, he's your friend"
"Oh shit, you are right, How about I go save his life instead and then we can live happily ever after while giving it to each other in the rears with reach around's"
"That's the spirit."

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