Monday, November 12, 2012

Hope and Promise

This, I believe, is the Boulevard of Broken Dreams, finally caught on camera.
This is also the proverbial path that should not be taken, the easy road.  Everyone should take the path less traveled in order to reach their goals or by taking the easy way they end up right here with everyone else, bitching and moaning about how their life didn't turn out the way they want it to.

Last night I had my first meeting with Linda about my future as a sleazy Vegas Open Mic Comedian!  The entire thing lasted about two and a half hours but it felt like 30 minutes.  I wasn't really sure of what to expect going into our meeting and I was actually a bit nervous about it.

You see, the unknown pretty much freaks me out.  I love consistent and routine and I have built my life around it but I'm stepping out of my comfort zone and going for something that I have wanted to do for quite some time and that's where the uncertaincy (Per my spell check that is not a word - whatever) comes into play.  So, this compounded the initial nerves I was feeling just going into this meeting.

Not knowing what to expect, what we were going to talk about or anything else. (For my editor friends, I realize that is not a sentence but I'm leaving it that way to give you a nervous tick!)  The meeting was actually a lot of fun and very relaxed.  For most of the evening she had me talking about what is currently going on in my life and we talked a good deal about my past.  We swapped horror stories about the Vegas dating scene and just a whole lot of other random stuff like you would if you were meeting up with an old friend for the first time in a couple of years.  It really felt like we had known each other for quite some time.

In the end she gave me some advice and said she was going to start sending me information via email to look over and read and to help guide me along this first step.  I was also given a homework assignment and we set a due date for it.  So, I'm telling ya, I really hope the next month and a half goes really really slowly even though I realize it's the holiday season which means time will fly by and I'll be pulling an all-nighter just as if I were back in college again!

Either way, good times were had by all and I've got a bit less than two months to come up with a solid 5 minute routine that I can run by her so we can go from there.

Now Accepting Jokes

Oh, and our waitress pretty much sucked ass


  1. Two peanuts walked into a bar and one was assaulted... Yes, a salted...

  2. So did you get any! (JUST KIDDING LINDA!)

    1. Only thing I got was a couple beers and a large sausage.....
      wonder why she kept pushing the extra beer on me......