Saturday, November 03, 2012

October in the Rear View

On the weight loss front I'm still recovering from my buddy's reception.  As I talked about before the food was amazing and I really couldn't stop myself from forcing more and more into my mouth and swallowing.  I knew the results would sting a little bit but that it was only a one day minor set back in which I would lose again over the course of the next couple of weeks without an issue.
Of course, it takes some time to make up for a 4 pound gain out of nowhere but whatever.  Now that a week has passed I've lost about 2 of those pounds back and by the end of next week I expect to be back to where I was before.

Octobers Monthly Goals were a disaster and I'm going to blame this on my budding social life.
By social life I mean I've been spending my time with mostly one person outside of work instead of spending that time at the house and on the computer or playing Video Games.

I had a goal to beat one Video Game which I later changed to playing a certain amount of hours.  I am going to write this one off as a Win.
I put in a couple of hours of Skylanders. I put in a few hours of Borderlands 2 and I played 2 games of Strat-o-Matic football which takes a couple hours per game so I hit my goal but just the minimum.

Read 2 books - FAIL - bit fat fail with a side of "not even close."  I started reading a book on my lunch breaks at work and just really couldn't get into it and thus lost interest in reading in general.  I've got a bad habit of not being able to just switch to a different book.  I generally have to take some time off before switching because I still have the last, horrible, book in my mind.   Blah.

Exercise goal - Fail
Drink Goal - WINNER!   I didn't keep track all month because that got too tedious but whatever.  I realize that I put a lot of bad liquid in me and as such I'm going to make an effort to slowly change that.

Budget goal - Passed.  I put together a budget for November and will carry it forward to December as well. I need to make a few tweaks to it as my insurance at work is going to be going up a bit and I've begun contributing to a 401k plan again.  Plus I completely forgot to put anything in there about Xmas...  oopsie, how did that little holiday slip my mind.

Goals for November:

#1 - 10 hours of Video Games
#2 - Dexter Season 4
#3 - Drink More Water, Drink Less Dew
#4 - Weight Below 250
#5 - Read 1 book
#6 - Revise Novembers Budget and stick to it, Complete Decembers Budget

Now, one more small tidbit before I go find something else to do before work today.
Earlier in the year I had talked about finally trying to reach one of my life long goals of giving Stand Up Comedy a try.  I wanted to be able to do it by the end of this year but there were way too many life complications in the way for me to reasonably be able to do what I wanted.  However, all of my challenges have been eliminated and I've begun thinking about it again.
That being said - Over November and December (two extremely busy months in their own right especially if I take on a second job for the next two months) I'd like to start trying to write a few jokes and organize some thoughts and figure out how this whole process works.
So, that means I've got an email to send out to Linda Lou who so graciously volunteered to help me reach this goal and start getting some advice and direction.
Publicly - I hope you are still willing to have me and take me under your wings Linda!!! :)


  1. sup grouchie

    FBoy here (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    Did u quitted le pokers?

    1. F to da boyyyy
      Did not quit.
      Had to take a break due to some really bad financial situations.
      Should start putting in some time (and writing about) around the beginning of the year!
      Nice to see yer Still around.

    2. hehehe been busy grindin but still check out teh best blog around XD

  2. "Big fat fail with a side of not even close..." I'm going to find some way to use that... :)

  3. Hey, and I'm 13-7 over the last 2 weeks - how are you not betting my picks for extra income??? ;)

    1. I really need to turn you into my own personal extra income machine.
      What is my problem?

  4. You are welcome to my old copy of War and Peace. Lugging it to work also qualifies as exercise.

    1. Yes - this is not only cardio, but heavy lifting

  5. I was going to say 2 books a month is hard but I read 41 books so far this year so I will just say "nah nah nah nah" instead.

    I like your slow and steady approach to losing weight. I think it is the kind of thing you can sustain over your lifetime. Keep up the good work.

    1. 2 books is easy - my problem is if I don't get into one then I just give up and come back 3 months later.... weird.
      However, if I am into the book I fly through it and grab another immediately after.
      I'm not an avid reader by any stretch but I went through like 12 in a 3 month period and then hit one I couldn't get into and stopped for 6 months. I gotta stop that.

  6. Of course, grrouchie! I'll share everything I know. See you Sunday!