Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Black Chip Poker

While avoiding actually doing any real work (Hey, I moved my bed and that's an accomplishment right?) I noticed that I still had the BCP shortcut on my desktop.
So I fired it up, let it update for 10 minutes (Don't think I played since summer) and discovered that I have $76.04 still left in my account.

Looks like I can do some low stakes grinding in the near future.
Now I guess I should start by figuring out proper bankroll rules and go from there.
Lowest NL cash game that I saw was 2 cent /4 cent and then going to nickle and dime.

Oh the Joy


  1. My VISA debit cards no longer work on BCP. However, I have not been sufficiently motivated to see if any prepaid cards would work. Such is the state of online poker today. Ho hum.

    1. Yeah - I'm not willing to deposit again especially since Online Poker has become so boring.
      However since I have money on there I'm willing to play some micro stakes just for the sake of playing poker since I don't actually get out to play much at all right now.
      Plus, maybe I can grind it up to something worth while and make small cash outs now and then to take the lady to dinner or maybe use this as my Xmas Fund next year...

  2. i quit playing on BCP and all merge sites once transfers stopped. notice how much better my sharkscope was on BCP than lock. too hard to get the money out now on BCP

    1. I don't have an account on Lock but maybe I'll make one but I'm not willing to deposit money.
      So, I'd have to grind freerolls in order to earn anything and go from there and I really don't have the patience for that crap any more.
      At least not on non-star's software