Friday, November 30, 2012

A long weekend

I'm officially embarking upon a nice 3 day weekend where I really don't have a whole lot to do.
This was almost a 4 day weekend but I kind of got guilt tripped into going to work today..... let me back that up a little bit.

Weds night I had my lady and her son over for dinner (chicken and biscuits) and video games (Jak and Daxter with a little bit of Motorstorm in there).  After dropping them off at their house and trying to get some sleep I was rudely interrupted - by what you may ask?

I'm waiting

cult: By What grrouch?

Thanks... Well, it seems I tried to Jimi Hendrix myself.  I woke up at the beginning of some throw up (and all the ladies say eewwwwww).  It must have been right at the beginning because I didn't have any on me and none on the bed, but I had a bunch just gargling in the back of my throat.  I quickly tried to swallow and make my way to the bathroom where I proceeded to almost puke for 30 minutes.  The back of my throat burned and I felt horrible.
In fact, for the 1st 5 minutes I thought I might die because I couldn't breathe.  I couldn't inhale properly and I couldn't swallow or get anything down, probably because the acid from my stomach was stuck at the back of my throat and then swallowing it back down caused my body to revolt.
So, I was hunched over the toilet looking for relief that never came.

The next day (or the same day since this all happened right after midnight) at work I felt like hell the whole time and ended up leaving early.  I had planned on just calling out of work the next day (Friday - today) and making it a 4 day weekend but as I was spending time with the woman and talking to her about this plan of mine she made a comment along the lines of "well, I know you'll go to work anyway."
I asked her to clarify and received "You want to call off, but I know you well enough to know that you'll do the right thing."

The right thing.
The right fucking thing.
The guilt trip... that's what it felt like - no matter how she meant it.
Those words stuck in my head, echo'd there.  When I left her place I fully intended on calling my store and telling them that I've been horribly sick for 24 hours and wasn't going to make it tomorrow.  I had the phone in my hand and the call dialing and I kept hearing "you'll do the right thing" playing in my mind, like a broken record and I hung up.  Went home, went to bed and by the time I woke up my 1st thought was "I can still call off" but then my second thought was her voice telling me to do the right thing.

So, 3 day weekend instead of 4 it is.  Bloody hell.
Where was I going with this?
Oh yeah, 3 day weekend.  Hell yeah, no work for 3 straight days!!!

This weekend I don't have a whole lot planned.  I'm thinking about meeting up with Rob and Lightning for some poker - mainly in the form of a tournament at the Aria.  This is not decided in my head and I might just show up to support their efforts and attempt at a good cash and play some cash games while they're grinding out the tournament.  I don't know and won't profess to know until tomorrow approximately 5 minutes before the tourney starts.  I guess we'll have to see how my fancy gets tickled.
However, I would love to get some cash in with them.  A nice relaxing environment where we can sit at the same table and crack jokes and I can drink heavily and embarrass everyone!  Oh yeah - that sounds like fun.

Sunday is a busy day as I've got friends coming over to watch some football early in the day and then a night of drinking with the lady and another friend of hers who is in town visiting.
Monday is then a birthday dinner.  She knows I'm taking her out but I have not told her where we are going.
I'm sure she will be pleasantly surprised and I will be rewarded appropriately.  (And baby, if you read this, I just mean with your love and affection - I'm totally NOT talking about.... oh, yeah I am.  Who am I trying to kid right?).

I was planning on editing and inserting witty comments into Cokeboy99's trip report but I'm not sure if I'll have time to get around to it like I had planned.
However, you can click on his name above and be taken to AVP where he has the information about his unsuccessful cash game run but his HIGHLY successful Tourney run including a win and two 5-way chops which is what made his trip to Vegas successful.

I officially got PokerTracker 4 - I chose it over the other alternatives because I was familiar with the old versions and felt that I didn't want to have to go through any learning curves.
I played 2100 hands this month and won a little over $8 while getting somewhere over $2 in rakeback.
7.92 BB/100
My goal is to put in 10,000 hands for December and hopefully get up to 10 BB/100.
I'll need to sit down and figure out PT and what it can do for me in regards to finding my leaks and whatnot. However, until I have at least 10,000 hands in the system I don't feel that any information will really mean anything.
Since most of my sessions are all very short (30 minutes give or take) I know that some information is skewed.  For instance, my VPIP and PFR are both higher than they would normally be because I've been starting up new tables and playing very short (2-4 handed) for good portions of my sessions instead of waiting for full tables to open up.  I do realize that PT is going to tell me that I've got a leak there, but whatever.

I'm hoping to get my online bankroll to $125 and my live bankroll to $600 by the end of December.
Baby steps as I get my feet wet into this thing they call poker again.


  1. Let me get this plan to meet up with Rob and Sparky on a weak stomach? Good luck!

  2. See you at the $4NL tables. You and that damn AK #@%&%#@&#@$ lmao

    1. The drawbacks to having a really obvious username.
      Everyone knows me!""

      good luck to you as well, just not in my pots.

  3. sup grouchi its yo boi Fboi ldo

    pls post screenshot of stats by position
    vpip, pfr, cb, cb success, turn cb turn cb success, cc, 3b, 4b, f23b, c/r, steal, f2steal, std dev bb/100, aggression by street F T R, river call efficiency etc

    also any hands u wana line check glgl homie