Monday, November 05, 2012

Holy Shit I Gotta Pee

For those of you who have never had the fortune to listen to Pig Vomit at an earlier point in your life - I stole the title from one of their songs.

We've all been there before, sometimes you really have to go.  Enter the house and the bathroom is on the entire other side of the entrance so you start making the quick dash of shame where you are simultaneously undressing yourself and throwing your clothes everywhere just so they aren't in your way by the time you make it to the bathroom.

However, this is all acceptable because it's your own private residence and even if there are a few people around to witness it they are in your house and they can choose to look away.

So, right before playing a little bit of poker I decided to go see a man about a horse.
Walking into the bathroom there is an old man in front of me who either A) really has to piss or B) just doesn't give a fuck any more.
Two steps into the bathroom he is loosening his belt.  We've all seen that before.
However he doesn't stop there.  WELL before he ever gets to the urinal (and I'm talking 10 feet before minimum) he undoes his button and pulls down the zipper.
Like this but up close and in person - and way scarier!

His pants are below his ass with 5 steps still to go and I get to see old man ass crack.  Glad I don't have the front view because his pants are just as low there and I can only assume everyone else gets a good shot at some droopy old man balls.

The image is currently stained in my mind. Old pasty white ass crack.
I'm going to need some sort of cleansing or a night of heavy drinking to get this visual out.
I've been scarred. I need to cry.
Someone hold me?

And now another What The Fuck is Wrong with People moment.

Before (blue) Waffles comments - She left her panties on and almost pissed in what I'm presuming is her own shoe.  And someone thought it was a bright idea to fucking post this on Youtube?
Christ on Crutches people.


  1. Replies
    1. Jericho's band Fozzy is actually pretty good.
      I recommend their last album - though you generally don't like guitars and the such like I do.

      Jericho the Video game was underrated and it's sad that the trilogy never got to see the light of day

  2. What is worse -- you posting the video of the babe pissing down the slide or me watching it twice?

  3. Your losing your good sense of perversion Grouch, that was hawwt. ;)

    1. More pee videos?
      great idea sir

    2. I may or may not have followed the suggested videos at the end of this one to watch more drunk girls peeing. I feel dirty...

    3. I freely admit that I did watch a couple more videos but then they started taking me away from "pee" videos into just random other shit and I got bored.

      YouTube is a pretty evil and vile creation :)