Saturday, November 17, 2012


Driving down the 95 traffic suddenly comes to a near stand still as I approached the Valley View exit.
I change lanes and slow down while looking around to try and figure out what in the hell is causing me to possibly be late for my date.

Finally, way off to the left (on the shoulder) I notice sparks flying as if someone was operating some heavy machinery and cutting into the pavement.
As I'm trying to gather my wits and not run into the guy in front of me I notice something bouncing along the highway, making its way across the interstate.

A Tire
I go to watch the tire cross the entire 95 from the left hand shoulder to the Valley View exit, take the exit and continue on to the right hand shoulder and roll right up the exit until I drove past and could no longer watch and find out where its final resting place would be.
Now, the completely amazing part of all of this was that the car that had the tire pop off came to a rest without incident and the tire rolled across essentially 6 lanes of traffic unmolested (oh, there is that word again).  Nothing was hit, there was no accident.  Everyone was paying attention and all's well that ends well. Well, at least for everyone but the guy with 3 wheels.

In order to make this post more interesting I did a Google Image search for Tires and Boobs.
The 1st one was one of the top choices and I decided that I'm going to play dirty and post it.
The 2nd one is because I felt that people would need a pick-me-up after seeing the 1st one.

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