Sunday, November 25, 2012

BCP Update

Per information given to me by Zin, all I would have to do is email BlackChipPoker to set up rakeback with them.

The first email I sent off I asked about it and they told me that all I had to do if I was interested was respond telling them that I was interested and it would be set up.

So, I responded.  Later I received another email saying I had to send an email to a specific address to set up my rakeback and thus I did that as well.

I just got a response back saying that they were unable to set up rakeback on my account and it's usually one of two reasons.
1 - I have a rakeback account set up with another merge skin elsewhere and they only allow one rakeback account in the entire network.
2 - I have played on another skin within the last 6 months and I would have to avoid playing on that skin for 6 months and then request rakeback to be added to my BCP account.

Being that the ONLY online poker I have played since they nixed PokerStars and Full Tilt from the states has been on BCP I can rule out number 2 as a reason why my account can't have rakeback.

This leads me to the 1st and that's that I already have rakeback on a different merge skin.
However, I went to this address for Merge Partners and the ONLY site on there that I even recognize is Carbon Poker but that's just because I've heard some of you all talk about it.  I have never signed up with an account on any of those sites to my recollection.

I have responded in kind to my email from BCP giving them all the information that I have and am now waiting for a reply to see how to proceed from here.
Going to be a little annoying if, for whatever reason, I am unable to obtain rakeback through BCP or any other merge skin for that matter.
I would then have to withdraw my monies and then switch to some other network where I can get rakeback and start anew.

I long for the days of Party Poker and it's 13 skins and collecting $100-$200 bonus's monthly from each skin.  Oh, those were the days my friend.


  1. sup grouchiiiiiiiiiiiii

    maybe ur account is already linked to an affil? i know some mofos get in ur cookies n thus is already affil'd so they wont giv u RB coz of that n dont wana tell u the real reason (errryone hates these type affils n scared u wud snap stop playin there?)

    a dude i kno said u can get under the table rb on lock but i dont have a contact =(

    i kno on ipoker (euro site with loadsa skins) peeps log on 2p2 and type "lookin for rb offers on ipoker" in an "ipoker regs thread" and are instantly flooded with pm's sayin "sup brah ima hook u up wif 60% weee" maybe try that?

    gl, fboy

    1. If this doesn't go through then I will look into that - thanks for the info.

      I've got no real bankroll right now so it's all just pennies in rakeback and not a huge deal at this moment.