Monday, November 05, 2012

Triumphant Return to the Tables

New Years Revolution #1 for um, the rest of the year.... Play More Poker.

Remember back in the day where everyone talked about poker and everything was right with the world? And now almost all of the "poker" blogs that I've followed pretty much never talk about poker any more and instead we have morphed into this group therapy mentality where we bitch and moan about the chick at Wal-Mart who called us fat even though her chins are larger than our thighs but at the end of the day we all feel a little bit better about it because that's just how fucking therapy works right?

Where was I going with this?  Oh yeah - Poker Poker Poker.
Gimmie 3 steps, gimmie 3 steps mister.

I want to play more. I desire to play more.  This year has been pretty shit in the poker department.  I mean, I just recently found out that I lost my Platinum status at Harrah's/Caesars/Whatever because I haven't put in any frigging hours this year.  This is the 1st time in probably a 3-4 year span where I've lost that status.  How in the hell am I supposed to eat at their buffets now?  Stand in line? I don't fucking think so.

If  you'd like to go back - here were my thoughts as of a couple of months ago.  Actually that just links to everything with the label of "bankroll challenge"  which is what I'll be using with all of my subsequent posts on the subject.

I'm not actually following those guidelines currently but I do wish to work my way up to them.  Fact of the matter is that I really just want to play poker at this point because over the last couple of years I have not put in a whole lot of time or effort.  I want to get my feet wet again and just start to enjoy the game again.  Thus I have decided to play some really low stakes poker and just have fun.
I'm playing in the lowest game in the whole frigging city (with it still being No Limit) and I'm going to enjoy myself.  If I find myself not having fun I'm just going to leave.  My hobbies should bring enjoyment to my life right?

Last night I decided to grab a few bucks and head down to Bills Gambling Hall and Swap Meet and just play for an hour or so until something else came up.
I bought in for $20 and was off to the races.

Yes, I just said that I bought in for $20.  You will probably be hearing this a lot in the future until I steamroll the game and work up to real poker.  Whatever.

3rd hand of the evening I have KJ on a K high flop and no one bets.  Turn is another K and I put in over half of my stack and one caller.  River puts another pair on the board and I push, guy calls.  I split with K7.  Whatever.

A few hands later I get involved in a pot where come close to doubling up with something I don't remember. What I do remember is that Atlanta had just scored a touchdown and the next hand was going to be a splash pot and I was going to be on the button.

I straddle the button and the cards are dealt.
An extra $50 is added into the middle of the table for everyone to fight over - that's 2.5 buy-ins!  I have to compete for it dammit.
Small Blind Pushes all in.  Small Blind is drunk and loves to re-buy.  Small blind also has pocket Tens and I determine that I'll probably call if one or two others come along no matter what my holdings are.
There is a caller out there in middle position and then it comes to me.
I have AQ of spades and there is no way I can fold now.  So, my money goes in the pot as well.
I have a side pot with pocket tens guy.
Flop has a pretty ace and is rainbow.
Turn brings a 2nd heart to the game.
River brings a 3rd heart to the game.
Guy in middle position finally shows his hand.  J9 of hearts.  Says he only called because some other guy talked him into it.  Scoops a $100ish pot including the $50 already in there.
I scoop a $24ish side pot and am back to starting stacks.

The night went on and I lost another to a rivered flush but I kept taking chips from the drunk guy next to me (I moved seats to have position on him a few hands later though).  I noticed his betting patterns when no one else wanted to bet but he had at least bottom pair and thought he might be good.

One time I called him down on a board with 3 overs to my pocket 5's and he only had bottom pair.
Another time I called him with a pair of 9's on a 259JQ board and he had paired the 5's.

And even though he just re-bought for $80 I had received my phone call that alternative evening plans had arrived and left with my huge profit of $12.
Yes - that's over half a buy-in somewhere in the range of 1 hour played.

I don't care, I'll take it.

Current Sockroll: $212 -
I'm not going to tell you guys which sock I keep it in so don't think about fucking mugging me when you see me walking the cold, dark streets between Bills and Bally's on my way to or from my car.

I'm hoping to play once a week for a few hours and maybe get a post or two out of it for your entertainment.
I do have one more story to tell from this evening but it deserves it's own post.


  1. Hey, people wear windpants on cold, dark streets, so keep your eyes open for me... ;)


    awesome post =DD

    aint nuttin wrong with grindin some 50c/dolla

    there is a solid reg that buys in for 200 there, hes about 55yrs old, glasses, goggley eyes, looks like a fish but is a shark, just FYI

    rest of the regs are nitfish

    lets do dis!!!


    1. I do find it quite strange running into regulars there.
      At this table I recognized 2 of the guys - and one of the others (the drunk fish) claimed to live in North Las Vegas but clammed up when I started pressing him for details.
      His chick was smoking though....

    2. she a blondie? looks like a stripper? maybe she was drunk as hell?

      if so i kno who u talkin about bru XD


    3. No, I recall her being a burnette - but I'll keep an eye out for a blonde for ya.

      When are we going to low stakes degen the strip together and drink and play like fish?

    4. wen im bk in vegas ill hit u up bro XD