Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My Wallet is Starting to Feel the Holiday Crunch

I'm hoping that before the end of this month I can have all of my Xmas shopping done.
I know this is a big task for a guy who hates to shop and usually does it all at the last minute, but a goal is a goal.
I've got more people to buy for this year which stretches me out so it's a good thing I got that fat ole raise about 2 months ago now.  Also, November is a 3 pay month which makes life easier as the 3rd check covers the bills for the beginning of December.  The second check has some bills attached to it but a larger portion of it is free to spend as I see fit.

I believe I have the kid taken care of for the most part. I'll probably have one or two minor things to add but the majority is done.  It's so weird because I keep seeing things I want to buy for him but have to remind myself that he is getting presents from a million different people and I don't actually need to go overboard (I just want to).
For him the main portion is a Skylanders Themed Wii controller set and two Wii video games.
The games are not important, random kids games that I'm hoping he finds enjoyable and gets some use out of.

My parents are always an easy one for me as I know what they like and what to get them.  So, I haven't gotten anything yet but I'm not worried about that at all.
However, after that it starts to get complicated.

I have absolutely no clue what to get the woman currently, nor her parents.  Those will be the last 3 people I buy for this year and I'm sure I'll spend the most time agonizing over what to get them.

In addition to Xmas - December is also the birth month of the two most important women in my life which throws additional complications into the mix.  Luckily they are spread out with the woman's birthday being at the beginning of the month and the mothers birthday being the day before Xmas.  

Not sure what to get as a gift but I've got what I think is going to be a great date planned out for her birthday, the first one I'll actually be spending with her.  In fact, I just finalized the dinner reservations!
So, I'm trying to make a good impression and hope that I don't set myself up to fail in future years by having to equal or best this years.

I have today, tomorrow and Thursday off.  Tomorrow is MY Thanksgiving as my girl and her kid are coming over to eat at the house.  Thursday is reserved for Football as usual.

I've got another random post planned for later today with some pictures of things I've bought over the last few months.  Until then
grrouch out


  1. a big task for a guy who hates to shop

    I'm the same way, but thank goodness I can shop online!!

    Thursday is reserved for Football as usual.

    Naturally. That's why they invented Thanksgiving in the first place.

    1. I do nearly all of my shopping online any more - especially when places like Amazon will just match everyone else's Black Friday deals.
      Just have to deal with shipping.

      Still hate it though!

  2. Hey, grrouchie! Loved meeting your woman Saturday night. Sorry you're now going to have to take her someplace decent to make up for it. Enjoy your Thanksgiving! XOXO

    1. Thank you Linda!
      I enjoyed myself as usual - though she doesn't have the same tolerance for "beginning" comedians that I do so the first two were kind of painful for her.
      However, she said you were hilarious!
      My punishment has already been set - I'll be watching the last Twilight Movie in a theater (The Horror)