Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cokeboy99 is a Tourney Monster

Just as an FYI - our friend @cokeboy99 yesterday took down a TI tourney and today was part of a 5-way chop in the Aria 2pm tourney for over $1800.

Was fun virtually sweating him and keeping up with the on goings.

He said he was going to be writing a trip report for it and I am going to, right this very instant, publicly offer to cross post it here if he'd like.

Great work man - and hope the rest of the trip continues to ROCK!


  1. Thanks. Please do cross-post, I'd appreciate it. Gonna start on it now, won't remember a lot of details like stack sizes from early on but at least I have a lot of info from later stages when texting you.

    1. I guess the lesson is Text more when playing?

      eh, nevamind

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  3. If you want to post the trip report, it's up on AVP, with additional info from today. Also, if you want to edit it to make the format a little better, go ahead, I was in a bit of a hurry last night when typing it out....lol