Monday, November 05, 2012

Political Rambling


Presidential elections are much like leap year. They come around once every 4 years and one day later no-one really gives a shit about them any more.

I don't vote, I don't care.  I registered once in my lifetime and that was when I was forced to do it upon turning the arbitrary age of 18. That was 18 years ago and in all honesty I don't remember how I registered all these years later - probably as an independent though.

You see, I've never followed Politics.  I remember being young, riding a school bus to - uh - school and talking about the presidential election and who everyone thought was going to win (and by think I mean just a bunch of kids repeating the ramblings or wisdom of their parents) and I remember knowing the name Ronald Regan.

After that I remember having an election that, to me boiled down to Bush or Cock and I told everyone that if I was voting it would be for Bush because what man is going to vote for Cock - and much to my prediction Michael lost that match up.

Also - and this sounds entirely random and made up - but every election that has happened since then I have made my predictions based on personal feelings and nothing to do with politics or national consensus or anything else and every single time I have been right, so far.

I knew Clinton was going to win because he was more of an every day American than Bush.  He was fat and liked to eat fast food but at the same time was into banging broads.  I knew bush Junior was going to win and even though I preached to the world that this country wasn't ready for a Black or a Woman to be in charge that whichever of the two made it through to the actual election would become president because, quite frankly, the other candidate was a pretty scary choice.  Especially after choosing Palin as a running mate.

So to continue, or to break for that matter, my streak I'm using this public media forum to make my bold prediction and let the Apocalypse happen as it may.

You see, I just don't think Romney can win this thing.  I think the guy has built his campaign around a million and one lies and has told them so much he believes them.  Every time I think he is going to say something that makes sense he beats around the bush and doesn't actually give any information.  His campaign is, from the little that I have observed, built 100% upon what Obama has NOT done in the past 4 years as president.

Here is my issue with that.  I think Obama has just finally gotten to the point where the last 4 years of Republican bullshit has been finally cleaned up and he has an opportunity to make a difference.  The economy crashed under the Republican watch but it just so happened that the Democrat took over while the ship was sinking and now all of the Republicans want to come out of the woodwork and talk about how the economy died with Obama in office while not admitting any blame for the mess that they helped to create and build before We The People got wise and kicked their asses out of the office.

Yeah, I guess you could say that in a two party electorial system I'm more Democrat than Republican but I think that's just because the last couple of decades the Republicans have given us shit to work with.  Al Gore? Bob Dole? The crazy fucker from the last election? And now Mitt Romney?

I wish that any independent actually stood a chance so that it could become a real 3 party race but the fact is that the 3rd party gets so little attention that they really don't matter and seemingly only exist to be made a mockery of.

So, tomorrow (I'm writing this on the 5th no matter what day you read it on) I am going to wake up way too early and head out to work and after that I'm going to pretend that nothing special is happening.  I'm going to go ahead with my day and enjoy it while trying to stay out of any political discussions.

Fact of the matter is that come November 7th nothing will have changed for me.  I'm no longer below the poverty line but I sure as shit am not too far above it.  I don't make enough income for the real politics to really affect me.  Maybe if I were really part of the Middle class I'd care a bit more because I know that deep down the Republicans want to eliminate it and create a bigger divide between upper and lower.  Whatever - that's for another time and place.

I've still got my bills to pay and I've still got my life to live.
To all of you who decide to vote - I hope your guy wins and that it makes a difference in your life.
To all of you who decide not to vote - that's your right as an American as well.

To all of those who haven't read my Facebook.....
My politician has a bigger dick than your politician!

grrouch out


  1. Oh yeah--I just read a news story about you! :-)

    1. That dude could be me - same age group, same race, slightly too skinny but I'll get there!

  2. Funny thing - I'm in bed about 10 minutes after hitting post and I'm thinking about things and realize that 1 - Al Gore is a Dem and 2 - I really had a strong feeling that You of all people were going to call me out on it.

    However, I do believe that I lumped him into the category because I really hated his wife (and thus him by association) because she made it bloody difficult for me to buy my Music CD's when I was a young chap.

    I don't know if you are serious with the McCain line or not but do note that I don't pay attention to politics and only get bits and pieces of info and usually in small Doses - and that election almost 95% of my information came from watching The Daily Show with John Stewart....

  3. Serge, my man....

    I have voted in every national election since 1972. YES, that's how friggin' old I am.

    I would never think of not voting. I would crawl over broken glass to vote, even on those occasions when I feel like I am voting AGAINST someone, and not voting FOR someone.

    But I am not one of those people who thinks "everyone should vote." In fact, I really hope that people who are clueless when it comes to the issues or to politics stay the fuck away from the voting both.

    Therefore, based on what you said here, I am very, very pleased that you are not voting.

    Excellent choice, sir!

    1. Rob, I'm glad you approve of my choice to take a nap after work instead of Voting against the guy I dislike the most.

      After learning something that I found out today I think I might actually change my opinion on my voting stance come next election.
      And that is....

      Nevada has sided with the winning Candidate in every election since 1912 except 1976.
      Nevada is an actual swing state where a few votes appear to matter unlike, say, someone being a Democrat but living in Georgia where the Republican is going to win 99% of the time.
      Since 1972 Georgia has voted Republican 7/10 times - 6/7 since 1984.

      Growing up in PA, they have been a Democrat state since I've been eligible to vote. The Dem has won every vote since 1992 in PA whereas before that it was heavily Republican (Dem's only won once from 72-88).
      Being that 95% of the time I probably side with the Dem as I feel they are less EVIL I didn't feel the need to vote - they were already winning my state.

      Who knows - I have 4 more years to think this decision over and decide if I'm going to continue my trend of not voting or if I'll give in and be more "American" and actually throw my stones out there.

  4. I vote for one reason only. If you don't vote, you can't complain. And I love to complain. So in four years when our economy has collapsed thanks to the unchecked borrowing and spending of Obama's administration and our Chinese overlords come to collect, I will say in perfect Mandarin, "I told you so."

    1. I do not subscribe to the No Vote = No Bitching logic that you do, but that's cool.

      Also, I have some MTG Cards in Mandarin and I'd like you to translate them

  5. JT88 reminds me of Sheldon on The Big Bang who learned Mandarin and tried to discuss the food and said, "I have a smiling monkey in my belly." When our overlords arrive, be sure to look in the corner for where JT's head might have rolled.

    1. As long as our overlords are hot Chinese chicks who like fat white balding men with undersized penis's I'm pretty much set.
      Overlords, please hurry, Daddy in need of some lovin'