Friday, February 01, 2013

January 2013

One hundred twenty one.  121.

This is how many comic's I read over the course of January.
I don't know if this is going to be normal or if it's on the high side being that it was just the first month of the year and I will filled with excitement (and a lot of down time).  I'm leaning towards the latter myself.

However, it all started out as a goal to read every issue of The Amazing Spiderman and branched off into some other categories as well.
However, it appears to be Spider books vs Bat Books.  I read through some Superman books back in December but that guy just really doesn't do it for me, he's too powerful I think.
I like my hero's to be flawed and Spidey and Bats both fit that category.

Spiderman I'm reading Old to new though throwing in some newer because it was written to fit the chronological order.  With Batman I'm reading everything from DC's New 52 going forward and I'm going to attempt to read all of the "Bat Books" instead of just Batman.  Once I'm all caught up there I'll start peppering in some of the older recommended collections.

Now for the Webslinger.
I'm curious to see how long it continues but there is a lot of over explaining things in these early comics.  For instance, I just finished an issue with The Scorpion as the bad guy and he starts to climb a wall and they have him explain how he can do it because of his Pincers.  Then he explains how he uses his tail as a Tightly Corked Spring to launch himself from building to building (and then Spiderman later restates that exact same thing).
Those types of things only detract a little bit from the reading experience so it's no big deal.
The other thing that I'm finding amusing about Spiderman is that they give him these abilities and his webbing and most of his super villains aren't really phased by them very much.  So, he has to out think/out smart them instead of relying on super power or web balls.... web balls..... and of course he did beat Sandman with a vacuum cleaner which really knocks him down a peg as a super villain in my mind!

Either way, I've found my main reading outlet for 2013 and I'm having a blast with it.


  1. I am now certain your girlfriend's name is either:

    Penny or

    1. One fat man from Vegas could never be so lucky lol!
      And, I notice I forgot to put it in the info above - but thanks for the hook-up.

    2. Oh the horror of it. He is the comic book store guy!

    3. Oddly enough one of my long term goals is to open up a small shop.
      I'm hoping to do it within the next 5 years.


      Time will tell, but I've wanted to do this for quite some time.
      I need to work on the logistics of it.

  2. Awesome. So where are you getting all of these comics? Is this an expensive habit? Or are they available digitally for near nothing?

    1. I get them the same place you get your library of music and for the same price.

      I then put them on my Kindle Fire and read them through a program called Comicat. (Though, you should be able to read on a computer as well).

      I think I've got the entire DC New 52 thus far and all of the Marvel Now titles as well.
      Spiderman 1-700 and other random stuff that I might decide I want to read at some point.

      I do purchase certain comics that I really like and wish to follow but not really a whole lot of them.

      I need to work on backing things up onto discs to free hard drive space though. Thinking about investing in a Blue Ray Burner

    2. Interesting. I might have to look into that.

      By the way, your post reminds me of a guy I knew in college. He said, "Anyway" a lot. He would leave rambling messages on my answering machine that went something like this:

      "Hey, how's it goin? Anyway, I was just thinking about an awesome comic book. Spiderman versus the Hulk. If they fought, who do you think would win? Anyway. Or how about Spiderman versus Batman? I think Spiderman would win because he's faster and really, isn't Batman just a goof with a gadget suit? There's more to it but I'm your machine always cuts me off. Anyway, talk to you soon. I'm going to get some tacos."

    3. I do this with "however "
      I generally delete a lot of howevers over the course of a post.

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