Saturday, May 11, 2013

May Exercise

I created and updated a "Page" for my May Exercise Goals (MEG for short).

As you recall from this post I wanted to get in at least 10 trips to the gym and go 60 miles on the elliptical.
I also wanted to get down to 230 pounds.

Sure I took off 1/3rd of the month already - but there is still time and I've still got determination.
So, with that in mind I went to the gym with a goal of doing 4 miles and going for about 40 minutes.

I ended up hitting Mile #4 at 33:55 and then used another 6 minutes for cool down.
From there I went to Walmart and bought a gallon sized container of water to take to work which I will attempt to drink every day that I work.

It's a long hard road to 60 miles for the fat man!

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