Tuesday, May 14, 2013


We went to the church today only to find out that we'll have to come back another day.
Looks like that day is probably going to be Saturday.
We'll have to pick out the preacher-man that we want to use and then have our little discussion with him.  More on that as it develops (I felt like a newscaster just then).

We also went to visit one of the places on our list of possible reception areas.  With the list we made I have a feeling it will really be down to 2 choices.  The place we saw today and a place we'll be seeing on Wednesday.  
Wednesday will have, by far, the better food but I'm not sure if the price will be competitive enough for it to be a viable option (I'm lord cheap-ass after all).

The place we looked at today had a lot of positives going for it including the final price-tag to go along with it.
However, until we have explored all of our options and discussed everything fully, one never knows.

Other than that I hit the gym again today and my new intent is going to be to hit 5 miles every time I go for the rest of the month.
I felt good after today's session and my plan is to go again tomorrow before noon.

After dinner the boy's put a puzzle together and posed for several pictures.  I thought that was quite cute so I'll be getting them a few more easy, kid friendly super hero puzzles in the near future.
I'll also be introducing them to the concept of gluing the finished thing to a piece of cardboard so that they can put it on the wall as if it were a picture or a trophy.

Good Night Vegas!


  1. It will be easier to hit your goal of five miles every time that you go the gym if you limit your trips... :P

    On that note, better food is ALWAYS competitive... :) Good luck!

  2. Some unasked for wedding advice. I just read an article a few days ago about the ten things wedding planners and the assorted people/businesses that deal with weddings don't tell you. The size of her engagement ring will effect how much they'll charge you. Sneaky bastards.

    Anyway, I'm all for gluing puzzles together. My mum used to do that and they looked pretty spiffy.