Friday, May 17, 2013

Call me MAYbe

Ok, so the other night I was browsing the blogs I'm subscribed to and came across Mysti's blog Unwritten.
She is running a contest of some sort where everyone who enters has to write a short story (very short, under 1000 words) that all start with the same line.

Normally I wouldn't bother to write up a submission because even though I love to write I just don't feel that I'm actually that good at it.  However this night was different because.... well... well because it was going on 1 am and I was bloody tired and the "better judgement" sensors in my brain had already been shut off for the day.  So, I typed something up then went back and made a few minor edits and sent it off for submission.

I didn't actually submit this hoping to win anything and, in fact, after reading through the rules for submitting I never even paid attention to what could be won or how things were even voted upon.  I submitted this because I like to write and I wanted to write and deep down I just kind of hoped someone would enjoy it.

So - I'll just provide a link to my (now printed) submission for anyone who wants to go read my very short story.

Mental Blocks

Also, dig my sexay pic at the end!

Boo Yah


  1. Cool story. You flipped my shit in less than a thousand words.

    1. I'll pretend you're being serious and say thanks :)