Tuesday, May 14, 2013

On My Mind

I'm sitting here waiting for my opponent to arrive for my Strat-O-Matic Football game.
My team, the Las Vegas Scumdogs, are currently sitting at 6-6 and desperate for a win to stay in playoff contention.  I beat this opponent once already and a win here would put us at the same record with me owning the tie-breaker.
However, I would still need some help to make the playoffs and do not control my own destiny.
This is the same situation I was in last year and the year before.  My team is close to being a playoff team but lacking some crucial elements.

Offensively I'm good.  I've got Tom Brady leading the way with C.J. Splitter and Antonio Brown also out there.  I've got Jacob Tamme and Pettigrew (DET TE) to give me depth there.  My offensive line is kind of weak and my defense lacks any type of pass rush to help out and that's where the biggest problem comes in.
Oh well, I guess that is what the draft is fore.

(I stopped writing because the game started, but since he had to run to pick up his wife real quick I thought I'd just let y'all know that his 1st play I picked the ball off and my 1st play Brady threw a Touchdown - Lets hope the rest of the game goes as well).

Today I'm trying a new "dish" that tastes like it's going to become part of my regular rotation.
I need more protein and veggies in my diet so I decided that Chicken, mixed veggies and black beans is something that I'm going to eat more of.  Cook it all up and top with some hot sauce and good to go.
No dressing or anything else to weigh the calories down, but damned tasty and quick and easy to make - plus it should pack up real nice to take to work for lunches.

Recently I had TBC comment on a Facebook photo or status update - he at first kept it on topic but then quickly turned it around and asked me to bring my laptop to Jean to see if I could get him hooked up with Ultimate Poker (which I find out is the Station Casino's online card room).
A few days later he tweets something about UP and asking what my username is there and how I connect to the internet.
I tell him that I am not interested in playing online poker and he tells me "So What if you are or are not interested in online poker, what is your connection thru"
When I responded that I go through a wireless router he didn't bother to continue the conversation.

Today I found I still had about $75 on Black Chip Poker so instead of just pissing it away on poker I decided to piss it away on a Sports Bet Instead.
I put it all down for the Penguins to win their current series.  Once they win I'll roll it over to their next series.
So, if they happen to take the whole thing this year then I'll be a few online dollars richer.  If not, well I forgot I had the money anyways.


  1. That reminds me that I have ~$95 on BCP. Maybe I'll do something like what you're doing since I never play there.

    1. I've tried playing a few times after the Josie tournaments but I find myself bored every time.

      Maybe after the Pens win this series I'll do some single game betting to try to grow it quicker.

  2. What? tony was a demanding twat? Weird