Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The List Gets Smaller

First - I appear to have lost a follower as I'm now down to 47.
I guess I've had too much of a positive attitude lately and haven't been grrouchie enough.  Heh!

Anyways - what I came to talk about.
Day two of looking around started out with us having pretty much narrowed down our choices to one of two places.  It was going to depend on pricing for the 2nd place and at that we would still have the actual wedding at the 1st place and then just take a jaunt over to place 2 for the reception.

After visiting place number two and looking at the pricing we decided that we definitely want to do the reception there as long as we can afford it.

Then we headed up to another place just for the fun of it even though based on what we saw online we had mentally checked it off our list.

Until we saw it, up close and in person.  This place was gorgeous just driving in and before we left we both pretty much mentally decided that this is where the wedding would take place.  They gave 3 options of where you could do your wedding and all with beautiful views.  They also gave options for a reception but that part was underwhelming and I don't think either of us bothered to consider it.

The wedding will take place at Lakeside Weddings And the reception will be at Maggiano's Little Italy in the Fashion Show Mall.
We've pretty much decided April 18th as the date.
Now it's a matter of figuring out the financial aspect of it and putting the money down on the reservations.
Honeymoon is still up in the air at this point but I guess we couldn't work everything out in one day!

The number of people for the wedding is also smaller than the number of people for the reception so we are going to have to put some time and effort into those as well.


  1. Friday, April 18th, 2014 will be my 5-year anniversary.....good date on which to get married!! Good luck, Keep enjoying this's fun and exciting!

    1. My rival foils me again!

      Thanks man.

    2. No problem. Maybe I can talk the wife into a Vegas trip for the 5-year anniversary to help celebrate....altho, she has her sights set on a return trip to our honeymoon spot, Nassau, Bahamas....I'm not sure I can change her mind on that

  2. I assume all blog readers are automatically invited to both the reception and wedding.

    Please put me down as a +4 (I have some out-of-town visitors coming in, so this will be a nice treat for them as well).


  3. Sounds like good progress. As with s.i., put me down for +4 also. I will work with you on specific food and drink requirements at a later date.