Friday, May 24, 2013

Stupid Car

Sometimes life is going to well and it just has to bitch-slap you back to reality.

This is what happened to me recently when my car decided to develop some problems.
I guess the problems have been developing for a while but nothing that was noticeable to me until it was too late.

I'm not a car guy so I won't begin to go into what was wrong with it, but it all came out to the tune of about $2200 after repairs and rental car.

And to leave on something positive - a pic I took of the new Deadpool comic.
By far my favorite character and will end up with him or his logo tatted on me at some point (Though the lady is not into this idea).
By far the best Marvel NOW title out right now (my opinion obviously).

Until this year I never would have caught the Spiderman reference in this picture - but it sure does make me giggle (Deadpool does that to me often).


  1. $2200 wow, i would investigate, must have been major repairs, sounds fishy.

    1. It was a bunch of stuff that all added up.
      The car is 8-9 years old and has performed well and I really haven't had to put any money into it until this.
      I ended up replacing all 4 tires since the back two were wore pretty bad.
      My rear shocks decided to not play nice.
      I had tie-rod (spelled correctly) problems which was causing a pretty bad wobbling....
      Plus a little more.

      This place has treated me very well every time I have ever taken my car into them for anything at all. They have told me the issues and gone over them with me even showing me what was wrong if I requested so I'm wasn't worried about them making stuff up to try and milk me.

      And I will say that right now my car is running so much better than I can remember it running for the past year or so, everything is smooth and it feels amazing to drive it (does that sound weird).