Thursday, May 09, 2013

The Guest List

On Facebook I pondered whether or not Gamestop has a Gift Registry and a lot of my friends seem to think that this would be a bloody good idea.
Others suggested Target or Toys R Us or even Amazon, which are all Viable options for more than just Video Games but my comment was meant as sarcasm as the last thing I really want to get is more video games to take on my Honeymoon!
However, I'll definitely talk to my local Comic Shop about a gift registry because I'll need some reading material while the wife sleeps!

Now, to the guest list.
The guest list is a pretty weird part of the whole wedding planning.
The guest list essentially boils down to "Which of my friends do I really like and which can I do without?"
Once you pick the size of your party you have to sort through your mental list of friends and relatives and figure out who is in and who is out.
Then sometimes you get to complicated scenarios.
For us it involves family.
We have to invite her immediate family obviously.  This includes her sister.
However, also on our list of people who should be coming are two people who have both been in a relationship with her and both moved on to marry their next lady and start popping out kids.
I thought we should invite more and have a table for "People who have been in your sister" but it appears as though this is not actually a good idea.  My Bad.

Turns out that there are a good deal more than just 6 people that I'm willing to invite and at this point in our list making we have decided that 50 people is the max we want to have.  We have thus far come up with a list of 40 people and have ten open spots for assorted relatives of hers.

We also made a list of venue's to check out for the reception.
One friend posted on my Facebook "You my friend appear to be in the honeymoon phase of engagement. Wait till you have to start making wedding plans and life will blow again."
I'm proud to say that this woman will be marrying one of my best friends.

I've had three friends that have lasted over the years - two are married and one will be come January.  All three better be at my wedding or there will be a hell to pay.


  1. How is all of this relating to that out-of-debt post?

    1. I think weddings pretty much drive that to hell and make you start over.

      Only time will tell I guess

  2. Awww budy don't worry I will be there!

    1. I've already given your picture to security

  3. You have touched on the trickier aspects of getting married.

    The wedding. Loved by most women, a nightmare for most guys. If she has someone that can help her set it all up (mother, good friend, etc) that is the way to go. She can always pay that favor forward when someone else needs help.

    The wedding list was the worst part of my wedding. I worked in a job where I interacted with lots of people. My wife had a ton of relatives to invite. Our reception was planned for either 200 (my wife's recollection) or 300 (my memory) people and I had a certain allotment of that. In retrospect, I invited some people I should not have and unfortunately, did not invite a few I probably should have. I always felt bad about that last part.

    Best o' luck!

    1. We are planning a reception for 50 max.
      We made a list last night with some room to spare but I keep thinking of people after the fact.
      Ideally I'd like to see a list of her relatives and which ones we have to invite and that will give me an idea of what I'm working with afterwards so that I can make a complete list and start flipping coins ala Two-Face to whittle down my list :)

      Currently I have my list of "Absolutely have to invite no matter what" and "fillers" (It feels wrong, but that's how the cookie crumbles).
      Maybe I can get her drunk and talk her into running off to Vegas and eloping! :)

  4. Forget about the guest list. I just wanna know if you're gonna get married by an Elvis Impersonator.

    1. Nope - this is not something I'm allowed to consider

    2. And you're marrying her anyway? Wow. MUST be true love.

    3. It's weird.
      I've always had this illusion of what I wanted if I ever "gave in" and got hitched.

      And in the last year my entire life and perspective has been altered.

      This must be the real deal Rob

  5. Hey... wait...I thought I was one of the three friendships that lasted over the years. But then I realized I'm not one of the two married ones...and I'm not getting married in January. I'm so hurt. I'm just kidding..... sorta. ;o)

    1. I probably should have included the word "male" in there.
      I have had a lot of friendships over the years but (and I have since increased the number to 4) only 4 of my male friends have continue'd to be in my life for the long haul.