Saturday, May 11, 2013

My Road to 200

Other than my buddy's wedding in January I now have more personal reasons to actually re-focus my energy on weight loss and drop some pounds.
200 also seems like a pretty reasonable goal for me to make.  If, when I get there, I still feel that I could comfortably drop some more then so be it - but for right now the sole focus is going to be on 200 and getting there.

With this in mind I took to Facebook and said I was searching for a pro-Bono Pseudo Personal Trainer to help me lose the last 35 pounds to get there (since I have been stuck at the same weight for 2 months) and I had some good advice and conversations based on it.
One friend called me a pussy.
One friend told me to eat more moon-pies
One friend told me that she should love me even if I don't lose the weight but that I should come to Jean and try to sign him up for UP with my laptop since his wasn't working.


I know I need to make changes. I've made so many getting to this point so now I've got to continue with some more to get where I ultimately want to be.
Diet and exercise, diet and exercise.
Eat healthier.
I cut out a lot of the bad but some of it still lurks.  I've also got fat person mentality when it comes to eating and I like to eat a lot.  Training myself to eat even less is going to take some time.

So, my snacks are being cut back again.  Cut WAY Back.
The thing I have been holding out on for so long is also going to happen, needs to happen.
I'm cutting back on my Diet Dew intake (I WILL NOT END IT, I will cut back).

My morning routine consists of me waking up and grabbing a dew.
Today that routine was a banana and a bottle of water instead.
In 10 minutes I hit the gym with another bottle or two of water.

For phase 1 my goal is going to be no Dew before noon.
If I die, know that I loved most of you, despised a few of you and wanted to sex all of you.

This was the only pic I could find with 200 or bust on it - it will have to do

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