Thursday, May 02, 2013

I ain't been around lately

Updates have not been coming fast and furious from camp grrouch lately, but that is because I haven't really been spending much time at home lately.
It also does not help that my wireless connection on this laptop is spotty at best some days and down right sucks others.  The last two days I have not been able to connect at all.
In fact, tonight, when I got home I had to reboot my modem, router, computer, router, router and finally I got this connection which hasn't really been the greatest.
I've got some serious lag going on - but whatever.  I guess this is what they refer to as #FirstWorldProblems!

Work, strangely, has been giving out Over-Time this week like crazy.  They had an insane amount of extra hours to give out and people have been taking advantage of it.
Of course I did not find out about it until half way through my week when I already had a day off.  I have an extra couple of hours banked and have the option of going into work tomorrow to work a shift of pure OT if I want.
That is where the dilemma comes in.  
I want the money but I really don't know if I want to deal with work or not.
First big issue is that it's a freight day and I don't feel like spending most of my morning throwing freight.  I can't go in any later than 8 am (if I decide that I want to work a full shift) because my love works until 3pm.  Working till 5 places me at her house after the kid has already gone to and come home from tutoring and into prime homework time.
Then a bit later in the evening we will be going to First Friday, or as I like to call it Funnel Cake Day!
I also plan on having an adult beverage or three, leaning towards the over side of the latter.

Saturday is also going to be a good day as we both open and our kid is going to be getting picked up by his old man.  The evening is pretty full as we will be heading to church to meet n greet a cousin (some relative, I'm using cousin as a generic because I can't remember) who just popped out a child.  I'm informed that I'll be the first guy she's ever been with who has met family outside of her parents/siblings which is pretty cool.
After the baby kissing and pretending I understand Spanish we will be heading out to watch Iron Man 3 and then a nice Sushi dinner.

I'm really looking forward to the evening as we very rarely have an entire evening to ourselves because the kid is always around and we both generally work late Saturday's when the opportunity would actually be available.

After finishing Insomnia on the last day of April (technically 1st of May because it took me till Midnight:17 to burn through the last 80 pages) I'm going to be doing much lighter reading this month.
I've downloaded 4 e-books by Stephen King.  2 of them with his son, Joe Hill, and one with another author whom I'm not going to look up at this moment.  The other is a little essay he did on GUNS which I found to be interesting reading.
I'm also going to be getting back into older Comic Books but I don't plan on doing it with the same furor that I did earlier in the year.  I want to diversify a bit between Books, Comics, TV Shows and the Gym.
Life is about variety right?  Someone supposedly wise once told me that.

I've got a bunch of random ideas that I want to take advantage of and share, but I'm unsure as to how I want the finish product to look.  So, hopefully in the near future I'll have some time to sit down and hammer some of them out for everyone's viewing pleasure.

Well, off to bed.
If I don't fall asleep soon then my decision of whether or not to work will be made for me by my lack of energy or ability to awake in the morning.

I probably won't be around much this weekend but come Monday/Tuesday I'll have something interesting to share.
Mark the calender as it will be a 1st.

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  1. ...popped out a child. I'm informed that I'll be the first guy she's ever been with who ...

    Are we talking your girl friend or the new mom? If it is the new mom, I read about something similar about 2000 years ago.