Monday, May 27, 2013

grrouchie thoughts with Gordon Ramsay

Just some thoughts that have been running through my mind lately.

As I sit on my porch at 11:30 pm with a beer in hand, dog on lap and a light breeze keeping it cool I look around and realize that by moving from the east coast to the west coast I basically traded flying bugs for crawling bugs.

I steal this particular thought from Linda Lou quite a lot and never realized just how true it really is.  My favorite beer is my 3rd.

Coach has his Would You running series of blog posts and I'm thinking about stealing the format (like I kinda sorta am today) and make this into a running series of sporadic thoughts titled (and pretty much stole the title too unless I can come up with something better or you all suggest something better) Deep Thoughts by grrouchie.

Netflix now has two seasons of original programming out and I have watched exactly one episode.  I watched the first episode of House of Cards and actually really enjoyed it but I haven't bothered to go back to it yet.  Arrested Development season 4 is also now on Netflix and I loved that show and need to watch this Netflix only season 4 (hopefully I'll actually do it).  When I'm not with my new family I just don't ever find myself watching TV.  I either need to start making time or start making them watch things that I want to watch!

I know that currently Lucki Duck and Rob are both in town visiting.

My Disney vacation is fast approaching. I will leave on the 12th of June and return on the 16th (probably late).  The 16th is Fathers Day and the 17th is the day that we are taking my Fiance's dad out for dinner, her Mom wants everyone to go to Maggiano's.  This is, of course, where we will be having our Wedding Reception and it's a good excuse to get them out there to taste part of the delicious food that they will be partaking in during our little festivity.  Later in that week we will be doing something for my old man as well.

I'm used to having just a small family and not really partaking a whole lot into holidays and the like.  Now I've got two families and it's going to be an adjustment period for me to get used to doing things for both sides of the family.  It keeps me a lot more busy than I'm used to but overall I like it a lot more than I thought I ever would.

Speaking of Fathers day - as we were watching some random TV on Hulu+ the other night the kid (I'm sitting in between them) turned to his mother and they had a conversation very similar to this:

Kid: "Mom, I know you aren't married yet but can we pretend serge is my dad"
Mom: "You can call him that if you want to, why do you ask?"
Kid: "Well, fathers day is soon and I wanted to give him a present and he has to be my dad to get a present."
Mom: "Of course you can get him a present for fathers day if that's what you want."
Me - *heart melts*

I'm currently more loved than I ever thought possible.

Skyrim is being released as the Legendary Edition which is what games normally do and call a Game of the Year Edition  where it's put out, again, but with all of it's downloadable content.  I had previously bought the game when it first game out and then later upgraded to the Collectors Edition when I found it clearance'd out on Amazon or Best Buy or some where.  I also picked up a copy of the Hard Cover Strategy guide because it was so big and bulky and awesome.  Now with the Legendary Edition comes the Legendary Edition Strategy Guide (Hard Cover) which is really tweaking my nipples and SCREAMING out to me to buy buy buy.  I'm fairly certain that I can hold out on the game (I don't own any of the DLC) until I find it on sale for somewhere around $20 but I'm going to have to pick up the guide for fear that it's going to sell out and go up in price.  I've got issues, but I'm ok with that.

Speaking of my issues.  Through Amazon I pre-ordered the Collectors Edition of Season 3 of The Walking Dead and now I see that Target has a Steelbook for season 3 which I'm probably going to have to double dip and pick up.  I might have to sell my soul to get both of them but I own the Collectors Editions of both Season 1 and 2 so how could I reasonably pass up Season 3's Collectors Edition?  And I also happen to be a big dork when it comes to Steelbook cases.  It appears as though I'm going to have to arrange to get out and play some poker with Rob and Lucki Duck so that they can donate to the cause and I can feel better about it all (If only Cokeboy were in town) :) (I keed I keed).


  1. Skyrim's DLC is good. Err, let me correct that. The first one with the vampires is good (wear good armor), the dlc about building a home is good IF you are not married to the Huntress. Otherwise, she HATES the house and wants to move the kids back to the city (seriously, the city).
    The Morrowind dlc is straight out crap. Well, sorta. When I downloaded it, it created a bug that didn't reveal itself until the very end fight. Only solution to the bug (and believe me I spent weeks trying everything) was to uninstall the expansion, start from a pre expansion save and play it over. That bug was never fixed. Outside of that, Dragon flight is crap, there are some cool moments on the island but the pay off really isn't worth it. My recommendation - play main game and the vampires one. Oh and don't expect any of the main storylines to be resolved at any point.

    1. Yeah - I've heard good things about the Vampire stuff.
      I only put about 50 hours into the game the 1st time I played it (only?) and only touched the main story enough so that I got dragons to randomly attack. Then I just spent a ton of time side-questing.

      This type of game has probably replaced the old school JRPG's that I loved and hold so dearly (Final Fantasy, Dragon Warrior, Lost Odyssey). My first adventure was Fallout 3 and then I had to pick up Skyrim. I picked up New Vegas dirt cheap but haven't played yet and I picked up the Steelbook re-release of Oblivion when it was cheap as well.
      Once I get a better computer I want to go back and play Morrowind (or regular Xbox) and Daggerfall as I've heard both are good.

  2. I'll be in town next week. You are certainly welcome to contribute to the lightning36 retirement fund via poker.

  3. The new Arrested Development is good. The first few episodes have focused on catching you up on individual characters. The only complaint I have is all of the cameo appearances by stars that had nothing to do with the original story. It's jarring and unnecessary.

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