Wednesday, May 08, 2013

The Real Ring

Today we had planned on running around town checking out store after store until we (er...she) found the perfect ring.  Yesterday she did some "pre" footwork for a bit so that she could figure out which stores to ignore.

Today we hit up a random store because of discounts but there was nothing there.  Then we headed down to store #2 (which really was store #1 since we just happened to go to the first with very low expectations anyways).
On the way there I was lollygagging a bit and was told "Hurry up, my ring is waiting for me."
Sometimes words speak true.

We entered the store and were greeted.  We brought out a printout of what she was looking at online and the guy went to his computer and brought up pictures.
He asked a few questions to make sure he knew what exactly she was looking at and then handed her a ring. She tried it on and it looked nice.

He then brought out a second and said "this wasn't on your list but it's pretty similar to one that is" and the moment it hit her finger I knew it was the one.
Her face lit up like she just received the greatest gift in the world combined with the best news.  She radiated when she put it on.
He brought out a 3rd ring and she tried it on, looked at it for a few seconds and decided that ring #2 was the one.
I asked her if she wanted to keep looking, we had all day.
She shook her head and said "No, this is perfect" with a smile that lit up my world.

I didn't even bother asking what the price was, I just told the guy that she thinks it's perfect so it's hers.

From start to finish today was perfect, and perfect days do not come around often enough.
I'm so in love with this woman and I'm happy that in somewhere near a year we will be husband and wife.
Now we just have to figure out all the details for the wedding/reception/honeymoon - I'm pretty certain this is not going to be no small task and there is more to it than is close to crossing my mind currently.

Side View but does not capture the radiance of the ring and the diamonds.

Top View too far away to show the real beauty of the diamond.
 I'm sure there will be more to come in the future.
I plan on detailing the whole ordeal here including my silly ideas :)


  1. What was wrong with the big red one?

    1. The child devoured it, and 4 more.
      Felt like a loosing battle (though I do have 36 more in waiting)

  2. You seem annoyingly happy these days. LOL

    1. I'll work on balancing that with some good old fashioned negativity.

  3. Shit, man. I get a week or so behind on my blog reading and you go and get engaged. A little late to the party, but congratulations!


  4. Congrats bro!

    krashhole (from CAG)

    1. Thanks for the wishes and for responding and letting me know that once in a while someone new does check this out!

  5. From what I understand, her dress will be the same way. She'll "just know" which one is the perfect one, no matter how many more she tries on after it.

    And reading this, the words you used, made me so happy for you. From the deepest depths of my heart, I send my best wishes to you and "the Lady". :o)

    1. Thanks.

      When you're out here you'll get to meet her.
      Either Weds or Thurs... she is off and I should be working early so we'll do a dinner somewhere.

      Now if I could only remember the dates you'll be here.
      my mind isn't what it used to scratch and sniff