Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Work Related Bitch

So tonight after the store closes I get a phone call from the Manager on Duty telling me that she has been too busy to walk the floor and see what needs to be done so it's up to me and the other 2 closing Department Managers to make sure the store is Grand Opening Ready for the morning shift.

Mind you, I get this call at 8:15 and we are scheduled to leave at 8:30.
I walk the floor looking for employees and come up very short handed.

I looked for any glaring issues that needed to be taken care of while making sure that the very few employees that we had were doing what they should be.

15 minutes later as we are walking out the door the manager tells me that if there are any complaints about the close she is going to blame it on us Department Managers because she called us and told us to take care of it.

I told her it looked good for the 15 minutes we were given and the 6 employees we had at the time.

Yet another reason to hate retail.


  1. Yet another reason to hate retail

    No, another reason to hate bad managers.

    1. I agree and while 98% of the time I like my job and enjoy working retail - Retail is a bitch heh.

      This is just a case of trying to force shit to roll down hill.

      This manager is also one who likes to sit in the office and watch youtube video's during work....

      I can't do my job so I'll make your life more difficult.

  2. Agree with Mojo. Cover you ass is difficult for that big an ass.

    The lady needs a leadership course. Not much of an example.

    1. My first week in the store there was a rain storm and the roof was leaking.
      I was walking around and saw some big puddles so I had one of my guys go get buckets while I got orange cones....

      This same manager saw us and asked why we weren't zoning and I told her. I was told my main priority is to make sure my department looks good, to ignore the water.

  3. Here is a good one. We all take a test to be lead clerk in office. A women gets the job because there are not enough women currently filling this position. Part of the job requirement for the extra pay is to stay one hour later and close office. She is on the job one week and says she doesn't feel safe being alone because she is a woman. They make one of the guys stay the extra hour and pay him but they let her keep the job title and the pay. What a country HuH