Monday, April 23, 2012

Best QB Draft Class Ever

1983 is widely considered to be the best draft class for QB's of all time.  In the 1st round of the 1983 draft there were 6 QB's taken but really only 3 of them matter, 4 if you count the ones who went to a Super Bowl.
Why did this man NOT go to the Steelers?  Bad Decision

Dan Marino, Jim Kelly and John Elway with an honorable Mention to Tony Eason who went to the Super Bowl with the Patriots.

Even taking out Eason, you are left with 3 Hall of Fame QB's picked in the 1st round of 1983.

Everyone likes to look back and compare every draft class to this one for a reason, it is the best ever.  Until recently no other draft has been able to rival it.  That is until the class of 2004 which could very well end up being the best ever.

In 2004 we have Phillip Rivers, Eli Manning and Ben Rothlesberger.  These QB's now have 7 years of NFL experience and the statistics are starting to add up.

The class of 1983 has 8 Superbowls (9 if you count Eason) and only two Victories.
After 14 NFL Seasons the 1983 class was ZERO for 9 - it wasn't until John Elway finally racked up two victories at the end of his career that this class, the greatest ever, finally got a W in the biggest game.

The 2004 class has been around for 7 years and is already 4-1.  That is Half the seasons, Twice the amount of Wins and about half the amount of total Super Bowls.  I'm really looking forward to the next 7 years and watching these 3 play because all are capable of getting another 2 each.  When all is said an done this is going to go down as the greatest QB class in NFL history supplanting the 1983 class.

I'm looking forward to following the progression of next years QB crop as well because they have a lot of positive talk and energy surrounding them.  Luck, RG3 and Tannehill (or whatever).  Lets look back in 7 years and see what they have collectively done for and to the NFL to see if they'll be able to be a trio that is talked about in the same class as 1983 and 2004 or if they'll end up (like most every other class that is highly touted) overrated.

Dan Marino - 1 Super Bowl - 9 Pro Bowls - 10/17 Playoffs
Jim Kelly - 4 Super Bowls - 4 Pro Bowls - 8/11 Playoffs
John Elway - 5 Super Bowls - 9 Pro Bowls - 10/16 Playoffs
10 Super Bowls - 22 Pro Bowls - 28 Playoff Appearances

Ben Rothlisberger - 3 Super Bowls - 2 Pro Bowls - 5/7 Playoffs
Eli Manning - 2 Super Bowls - 2 Pro Bowls - 4/7 Playoffs
Phillip Rivers - 0 Super Bowls - 4 Pro Bowls - 3/7 Playoffs
5 Super Bowls - 8 Pro Bowls - 12 Playoff Appearances


  1. Ahhh Tony Eason...good times. Thanks for the distraction from *shudder* baseball.

    1. I've never been able to get into Baseball, I think i was scared as a child when one baseball helmet gave everyone lice - I dunno.

      I tried, I rooted for my team (Pirates Obviously) and for awhile things were good in my world. Bonds, Bonilla and Van Syke rocked the world - However I am too young for the Heyday of the 70's with Willie and Clemente.
      Then the last two decades happened and try as hard as I want, it's brutal rooting for a team that hasn't had a winning season in almost 20 years now.

  2. I don't know which info is right, but you contradicted your stats in your text and underneath it (the text has the Class of 83 with 8 Super Bowls - 9 with Eason --- below it you give Marino 1, Kelly 4, and Elway 5 for 10)... Roethlisberger always seems to get left out of the great QB conversations I hear... #totaljoke

    1. Yeah - I see what I did there.
      Including Eason - That class was Zero for 9 after 14 years - without Eason they were Zero for 8.
      Elway got the two wins in year 15 and 16 giving them a Total of 10 Superbowls in 16 years (getting rid of the crappy Patriot).

      Also, while Big Ben is no Brady, Manning, Montana type of guy his numbers do not lie - Starting from rookie year the kid just wins - hell starting from College at the very least. was nice enough to make a list of the top QB's drafted in the 1st round the past Decade (which is where I got the idea to write this up even though my football posts get almost no hits).
      #1 - Big Ben
      #2 - Eli Manning
      #3 - Aaron Rogers
      #4 - Phillip Rivers

      (I can't find the link to the article right now).
      Also, just posted now has a article discussing that the 2004 Draft Class just might have the best First Round talent PERIOD.

  3. Thanks for this post. The NFL draft on TV is entertaining. Can't wait.

    1. Working Retail I generally have not caught many drafts ever. The year Big Ben came out I recorded it because I really really really was praying that the Steelers took him and I about shit a brick when they did.

      This year I Think I'll be able to watch all 3 days so I'm pretty excited!