Sunday, April 22, 2012

Home Game

Color me stupid, but I enjoy playing in certain home poker games for the socialization of it all.  In fact, the one that I have gotten invited to I really have no desire to win any money.
I know right off the bat Josie is going to call me fucking stupid, or something - but hear me out before you start calling me names.

This home game is a low buy-in tournament set up and pretty much everyone who plays is really bad at the game.  They have a lot of tells and and anyone who pays attention can figure out what they are holding without trying too hard.

That being the case, I like to show up and play a very high percentage (80%+) of my hands and just goof around and see how much I can push them around when I need to and how long I can last.  The last two times I have been there I have made it to just before the money and then dumped all my chips because winning money means more to the others who are left.

The last time I was there We were 4 or 5 handed and I had pocket queens.  There was an all in before me which I was going to call and then one of the tight old ladies decided to raise over top.  This is 100% Aces or Kings and I'm not positive she would have done it with Kings.
Knowing that this will eliminate me I announce that I am going to call All-In but I know right now that she already has Aces and I need to catch up.
I was right and I busted on that hand. There was a lot of joy in that old ladies face as she busted two people and made the money.

So, today I'm in a similar situation on this time I'm the chip leader because my reads were very accurate and several times I bet down with bottom pair knowing that they were on some sort of draw.  One hand that really amazed the table I raised 23 offsuit and on a 3 low flop it was checked to me and Then I bet.  The other person in the hand really didn't want to call me but eventually decided to take the risk.  Turn was a low blank and I bet out about half the pot again and got called.  The river was a blank and she once again checked to me - I told her that she missed everything but I wasn't going to bet.  I turned over my hand and she showed her busted straight draw.  I had done this to her about 3 times with either bottom pair or a small pocket pair on a draw heavy board.

So we get down 5 handed and we have two or 3 players who almost never make the money - One guy proposes a 5 way chop and the guy who hosts the tourney (best player out of what is left) tells me that it's up to me, if I want to chop we'll chop.  The guy who proposed the chop said that most of the time they chop when it gets 4 handed and the blinds are as high as they are now.  So, knowing this I donk off all of my chips in a couple of hands so that they can chop it 4 handed.
However the host, now that I'm out, no longer wants to chop.  When it's proposed again he says that he can't do it because he has too much invested and needs to make it up.

So, he was perfectly willing to chop when I was the overwhelming chip leader but as soon as I gave all my chips away he changed his mind because of the opponents who were left.
One guy who never makes the money busted 4th and got nothing about 10 minutes later and he was the one guy I wanted to get money because if you never cash you eventually lose interest.

So, I left before the game finished instead of staying and socializing because I started to get into a foul mood.
I thought it was a dick move by the host to agree to a chop 5 handed and then take it back mere moments later.  Had I known that I would have just said "lets chop" and been done with it.

Maybe I'm overreacting or whatever, but at this moment I don't want to go back and keep playing there.  It's only once a month and it's all for fun but that pretty much killed my desire to continue.

Ok, now Josie and everyone else can tell me I'm a fucking idiot and I should always play to win!



  1. I know why you don't play to win. Although I don't get it, I understand your reasons. You should continue to attend because let's face it it's pretty cool these folks like YOU enough to invite you. Next time hand their assess back to them. Did they thank you for the dip?

    1. I think I was the only one who ate any of the dip - everyone else ignored it :/

    2. Bastards, take them for what they're worth !

  2. I always play to win. In home game tournaments the intensity might not be the same as in a Las Vegas tourney, but the competition is the important thing. I am not averse to chopping if that serves a higher good (like getting guaranteed cashish).

    btw -- In June when I visit please remember that I suck and would appreciate your dumping all your money to me.

    1. In June we will be playing at a cash game table with real money at stake - I will do my best to remember you suck and felt you multiple times all the while showing Josie the money she can't have because she's a girl and girls can't play poker

  3. Can't stand that move by the host... I feel pretty much the same about playing with my friends - I still try, but it's easy to relax and have fun because the stakes aren't nearly as high (as even what they would be at a 2-4 limit table)...

    1. I try, to a certain extent.
      I try to find good spots to bluff them, I try to outplay them by inflating the pot with either no kicker or with bottom pair/under pairs when I feel that they haven't anything currently, etc.
      This way I can build my stack and when I show hands it's mostly hands where people are commenting about how bad my hand is and making note of it (they probably all think I'm horrible based on the hands I try to show down).

      But, because the money is relatively small and means more to others I don't care for cashing. If it happens it happens but I'm cool with donking my chips off and letting them have at it.
      If it were real money then I'd play differently right at the bubble.

  4. What mattered was not what happens to you, but how you handle it. Self-command is required to overcome the dangerous misinformation of our emotions, and because for the most part the self is the only thing that we can command. We have no control, ultimately, over what people do or think. What we can influence is our understanding of these circumstances and how we respond to them.

  5. I was in about the same situation not too long ago myself..but my was at ..lets say a "pokerhouse"...There was 7 of us left at the table and I was short stacked (about 4 BB)..well they called Break!...during break we all agreed to chop. When we all sat down after break one guy noticed my stack and said oh hes short stack Im not chopping till he's gone...(fucking Dick)2 things happened they didn't chop and they all ganged up on me...the famous KK...and he had an ace. Ive never been back there since...even with the invites and promise to match dollar for dollar...

    1. That's a pretty dick move right there - I'd never go back either.

  6. As far as playing to win - if you play in this game primarily for social reasons, and you want to adjust how you play for some non monetary reason that's important to you then I say go for it.

    As far as for not wanting to go back, well that's pretty understandable too given the dick move the host pulled.

  7. I would not let one guy ruin it for you.

    If you have a relationship with him you could kind of bring it up nicely and be like "man, I thought this was a friendly game.. and then you go and change the rules because you think your going to be able to win.. I thought that was kind of against the nature of the game and it sort of disappointed me"..

    If not just chalk it up to one person being a dick in the game and enjoy the other peoples company.

    1. I do not have a relationship with this guy - He is the host but I have only interacted with him 3 times - all through this monthly game.

      One of his friends is the guy who invited me along and I actually discussed this with him and told him how I felt about it - and he agree'd with me to an extent after he heard me out.

      Now that I'm a couple of days removed I'm not quite as bitchy about it - but still annoys me.
      I'll probably continue to go back but now I'm not going to bother holding back and I'm going to take the game more seriously instead of just being a donk and playing 75% or more of my hands every time.