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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What will Friday Bring

Friday has it all this week.
First - and this is something I haven't been able to say in a long time (I almost said coons age), this Friday is actually my Friday.  I have the whole bloody weekend off and I'm pretty damned happy about that. It's been over 2 months since I have had more than even just one single day off in a 7 day stretch.

Second - Friday is (was) the last day of my Craps class because starting Monday work has me working normal 8 hour shifts again (and 5 days a week).  The other person in my office still is out on her FMLA and work really wants me to be there during normal hours since I am the only one in the office for now.  And as an aside to that they still haven't bothered to give me anyone to train to help me do my job even as a just in case something happens to the grrouch and we need a stand in for a day or two.  They did ask one person if she wanted to train in the office but she had to rebut them with "I'm probably moving soon and will be of no use to you outside of the state."  And that, as they say, is where the dog died.  
I really want to put in for a vacation and take a week off but that's not possible under the circumstances.

Third - I have an audition at the casino that I was secretly hoping I could get into.  I just happened to check on their job openings one day and earlier that day they had posted it.  I submitted my application and got the call the next day.  So, Friday it is.  
This audition is in the afternoon which I'm really kind of hoping means that the tables are not loaded up with a ton of players, something nice and casual would be really fitting.  It is a locals casino and it is a Friday which means probably a whole bunch of old cranks who just got their medicare checks will be out and about trying to triple up so that they can tell Madge she can finally afford her smokers lung transplant but most likely losing it all and cursing at me because I'm the one who forced the seven-out by accidentally sending the dice to them with the wrong number facing on one of the 6 sides - damn old bastards and their superstitions.

So, I don't know if I'm going to have to load up on energy drinks or pop some no-doze or just try to go to bed at like 6pm Thursday night, but I gotta make sure I can make it through my work day and still have energy for the Audition.  Maybe an entire body blood transfusion after work will do the trick?  Who knows.  Either way I'm really looking forward to it.

I got some good Black Jack practice in at School today.  First I dealt a few times through with a double deck on the pitch, then I dealt single deck pitch, then I dealt 6 deck shoe.  I feel comfortable enough without putting a ton of time into it that I can nail the BJ portion of it.
Afterwards I went to the Craps table and got stuck on base for about 40 minutes or so and got put through a few progressions which was nice.  I only made one wrong payout (by $1 on a weird bet) and I never gave the money to the wrong player.  I felt pretty good about it and even though I wasn't on the same wavelength as the teacher for the way she wanted me to press certain bets I was still able to know what I was doing and get the job done.

Tomorrow I'd like to get a good 40 minutes to an hour on the stick (in multiple sessions if I have to) so that I can feel more comfortable there and make sure I'm not missing anything.  I'll need to study some of my Horn payouts and whatnot because I still do the math on some of the bets instead of just having them memorized - Oh well.  At least I get the right answer when called upon.


  1. "I feel comfortable enough without putting a ton of time into it that I can nail the BJ portion of it."

    That's what she said! lol Sorry, couldn't resist.

    gl with the audition.

    1. Actually Josie - with the techniques you showed me over Skype I think I'll be fine :)

      There's more than one way to please a pit boss

    2. Grrouchie its not about techniques but enthusiasm. I'm talking. BJs but apply this theory to your audition and you'll do well.

  2. NO WAY you were sliding that sentence past Josie... :) Go to bed at 6 p.m. if you need to - you have the whole weekend to have fun. Good luck on the audition!

    1. I wanted to come up with a re-buttle to your pros/cons of Vegas life but for the most part I agree'd.

      And yes - I'll probably just get to bed early to make sure I get a full 8 hours in - Take a nice refreshing shower after work and dress pretty for the Casino.

    2. Hey, did I mention the part about wanting a good 40 min on the stick? No. Well now I did but whatev

    3. Cool - I was waiting specifically for some feedback from you since you said that you were looking forward to seeing the list grrouchie... And Josie, Josie, Josie - too funny... :)

    4. I have off this weekend and at that point I was thinking about a "what I hate and Love about Vegas" to go as a Point/Counterpoint type of deal.

  3. Good luck with the audition. And I hope you won't find it necessary to use thos BJ tips Josie gave you.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks.

      Right now I'm considering ditching work or leaving early so I can hit up class before the audition and get some stick practice.

      I didn't get a chance to get on stick today, but we will see what tomorrow brings when it gets here.

  5. GL with the audition. I know you'll nail it.

  6. just be your self son good luck today