Monday, April 02, 2012

Evening Update

Jane you ignorant slut!

After work today I'm driving towards class when the teach calls me and asks me what happened.
I gave a brief explanation and told her I could go into better detail soon as I'd be in class shortly.

When I got there she took me to the side and asked me what happened and I gave her a very unbiased opinion of the whole situation.
I was a bit nervous, I was slow because the stick was awkward and also the info about how the other dealers were not booking bets and only some little old lady next to me was doing it.
Teach told me that the other two people who were sent to audition on Friday night both got turned away.
The chick got turned away because they didn't have a record that she was supposed to audition and the guy was told to go home because his black pants were too tight.
All of this was with the same pit boss that let me be on stick for a total of like 4 dice rolls.

After hearing that I feel a bit better because it's seems the guy is an old curmudgeon and I wasn't the only one who got the short end of the stick.

Oh well - you live and learn.

Now I have to work on lining up my future auditions for my future job and do a better job of kicking ass and taking prop bets.

My A-Z entry might end up being late tomorrow instead of early because my first day of waking up at 4:30 am has me a bit wore down.
Also, anyone who requested a letter - I replied to all and handed them out.


  1. That's alright - in the end you don't want to work for an old curmudgeon anyway... ;)

    1. Definitely not, I'm sure I would rub him the wrong way with my young hipster attitude!!

  2. I know the feeling, bro. Been there.
    That first (and second and third) auditions can be a bitch. The stick feels weird, your voice sounds weird, the dice, without fail, flip to a 7 as you push them out, etc.
    I'm sure your teacher tells you the same during class, but you gotta bend the stick. Only way to control the dice. It will become like second nature eventually. I don't even think about it.
    So they never put you on base? That's a little weird, maybe they could sense you were rattled.
    It's no big deal. Just keep going to class. Hang in there. Just think, it can't go any worse.
    I would suggest you walk into the Gate, or El Cortez or even Joker's Wild and try to audition. (I assume you audition somewhere not those 3 since they take break-ins).
    Even if they say they're not hiring. They might let you audition anyway. Make a friend sitting box if you have to. Getting on a live game periodically will help leaps and bounds and will help your nerves when you go to an audition for real.
    Good luck

    1. Other than my voice - Your first paragraph sums shit up well.

      I wish they would have put me on base first - I feel that it's much easier to be on base than stick - but maybe that's just preference - who knows.

      Next time, next time

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