Thursday, April 05, 2012


E is for Everybody. (written last night)

My past two days have been full of more action than I generally like to cram into my days.
Yesterday was the new routine of wake up at 4:30 am, shower and head to work.  After work run to class and get some quality stick time in.  Then after that was Dinner with the ex and The Hunger Games(I'd totally forgotten about the movie part).  I was tired, really tired and run down and as such I was a bad dinner/movie guest.
Near the mid/end of the movie my Rockstar started to kick in and I gathered some life in me, however I still was bad company.

Today Started off the same with Work/class then home for dinner and tonight I'll be heading out to see Titanic.
I've never seen Titanic before and I really have never had the urge.  I still don't want to see it and I pretty much think that 3D is just a way to rape the consumers wallet more but whatever.
This would be so much better

One of the things that I am attempting to do this month is to step out of my comfort zone and see what kind of impact it has on my life.
My date tonight is someone I used to work with before changing stores.  Now that I work elsewhere we try to get together about once a month for a movie or for drinks and bitch about work for a short period of time and then catch up with how life has been treating each other.
I've drug her to a few movies that she really hated, or at least disliked portions of them and as such I'm OK with being drug to a movie that I've avoided for decades now.  It's this type of give and take that makes a friendship work.  Going to this gives me a free pass to drag her ass along to some bad horror movie where she'll bitch about the ending or about the lack of any romance in it.  (ED: after watching the previews this could be any number of movies - The Hobbit, Despicable Me 2, New Pixar Joint, etc)
And this movie I'm going to complain about the lack of any action and violence and only getting to see one boob (and the 3D better be f'ing stunning I tell you - I AM GOING to reach out and try to pinch the nipple).

So, instead of coming up with a topic and writing about it (I might throw the E in elsewhere if I come up with something later in the month when I have some down time) I've decided to take the day off and not write any post at all.

After all, Everybody needs a day off now and then.


  1. OK, first of all, you actually do get to see both boobs in Titanic, althought admittedly the right one is only there for a nano-second. Don't blink.

    Also, there is a lot of action in that movie, I don't don't mean the kind Leo got with Kate. I hate to spoil the film for you, but you see, it was about this really big boat that sunk. The sinking of it takes up the last half of the movie, and it is incredibly well-filmed by James Cameron, the guy who gave us, among other films, Aliens (talk about action!). It's very well-done and quite exciting. Yes, my friend, even the half of the population that has dicks can enjoy this film.

    Speaking of chick-flicks, how was The Hunger Games?

    I have to say that I question whether it is a good idea to have your dates on days when you are both working a full day AND going to school. That seems like a lot already, without throwing a evening out on top of that. You don't want to kill yourself before getting that craps dealing jobs. Wouldn't it be wiser to socialize on days when you either don't have work or don't have school? Just sayin'

  2. Rob,
    Titanic was good - Since it first came out my tastes have changed enough that I can enjoy these chick-flicky type movies I guess.

    Hunger games was good - but no where near as good as the book (that appears to be the case always though). I'm not sure how much I would have liked it if I didn't read the books though - Knowing all the background and the info that is skipped kinda makes the movie easier to see (at least I think).

    Not really a "date" per say - more like meeting up with a friend for a movie. Date is just quicker and easier to day is all.

    If I only socialized on days when I didn't have School or work I'd only socialize maybe Saturday (but I work 8-10 hours Saturday) or Sunday (which is the only day I currently have off).
    Being that I really don't normally ever socialize, I just latch on to whatever days present themselves for the most part.
    Either way, I'll be in bed early and sleeping tonight lol

  3. He left our his date is his looove interest and married.

  4. He's not as lame as he claims :)