Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hi-jinks - or playing catch up

Well, Consider this me playing catch-up.  I'm a couple days late and my sleep schedule has been thrown off and things are not going to be getting easier anytime in the near future.

I'm sitting here with dinner on my lap, keyboard under palms and a few thoughts flowing through my brain about things going on in the near future.

Other than Food I do have some distractions going on though and that is the NHL Playoffs - Specifically Penguins vs Flyers and the score is 3-0 Pens after 1 period.
Hell's to the Yeah's
So, the H in today's posting is Hump, as in Hump-Day (Wednesday yo).
Yes, My postings have slowed down but in reality I probably still post way too often anyways.  The main reason is this whole waking up at the butt-crack of dawn for work and then heading off to class afterwards.  I'm so much more tired by the end of my day than when I was going to class at 10 and then heading to work afterwards.  I was getting about the same amount of sleep, just at different hours is all.  I don't know why mornings always force me to drag my ass.

I is for interesting, as in Interesting developments.
Today I headed up to Casino X2 dressed the best this fat man can and introduced myself to the morning boss and let her know that I've been through school and looking for a dice job.  She seemed interested, was very pleasant and told me that they were indeed looking and to apply online and she would make sure my application was pulled. (I'll be getting to that shortly).
Then I went over and talked to some guy at the craps table for a and some local came up and started rolling. I decided to just watch and chat instead.  However after he hit his 5th point I couldn't resist putting a few bucks on the table.
After he finally Seven'd out and the next guy followed suit it was my turn to roll and I didn't fair much better. However I still left up $20 or so and ended up tipping the dealers somewhere in the range of $20-25 as well.
Yes, this is really me and yes my crotch lights up every time I open my fly

After that I drove across the city and went to class instead of going home.  Ended up at the black jack table with my Chinese crush and practiced that for about an hour or so to get more comfortable with it.  Talked to her about auditioning, trying to convince her to go out and just do it as she is ready but for some reason she lacks some confidence and says she's afraid her nerves will get the best of her.
By the end of our dealing and chatting session I think I have her convinced to go down to the old strip with me this coming Friday so that we can apply at one of the places down there that takes Break-ins.  She is going to be annoyed with me when she finds out she still has to fill out an application (her complaint is that her English is bad so it takes her a lot longer than us native tongued people to do them).  However, after that I'm hoping that they'll let us audition so that we can work her through her initial nerves and worst case scenario one, or both of us, walks away with a job offer.
On the interesting side for me is that when we were walking out to our cars after class she told me that if we got offered a job she would treat me to dinner!  Score one for the fat man.

I have found two places that I really want to try out.  I have this favorite spot of mine that serves Bahn-Mi sandwiches where are pretty f'n good.  However I have been reading reviews on different places and I have seen a trend of people saying that the sandwiches that I like are average at best and overpriced for what they are, they then give another place as a suggestion to go instead which is supposed to be heads and shoulders above the place I like to go, Hue Thai.
So, this new place is on my short hit-list and I am not going to divulge the name of this place until I have gone and devoured a few morsels.
The 2nd place I want to go serves a Bahn-Mi burger which really intrigues me and it's about 10 minutes away from class.  I'm thinking that maybe tomorrow I'll hit it up and give the burger a try as it might be my last chance for a while.

File this under: There isn't enough time in the day and I'm going to be bloody exhausted.
Or - Juxtaposition; as in I normally have a ton of free time and never take advantage of it but now that I've got little free time I find myself doing more and imposing on what should be my sleep schedule.

Friday two of my friends are coming into town and they will be here through Monday or Tuesday.  So probably on two of those evenings I'll be heading out to spend some quality drinking time with them.  Looking forward to a good time especially a nice relaxing and lots of fun time which I do not do enough.
Then when they are boarding up and heading out the CAC (Cauliflower Alley Club) is back for their yearly celebration of all things Wrestling (mostly old time).  So, I've got my seat reserved for Tuesday and Wednesday and am really looking forward to the dinner and shenanigans.  Last time I went I got to meet some of my idols.  Terry Funk, Jim Ross, Dr Death Steve Williams, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Brett The Hitman Hart (Plus a host of others).   The evenings were filled with people telling stories that spanned back decades and most of them entertaining.  I'm a dork, so what.

I'm not even sure who's coming this year but I'm looking forward to the stories, the photo ops and the autographs.  WoooOooo!

Now to go finish the Pens game and cheer them on to a 1-0 Series lead before getting some shut eye (oh, and applying for a job or whatever).


  1. I assume you are talking about Mr. Sandwich?

  2. A less than ideal end to that game, eh? I feel for you but only so much, as I effing HATE the Penguins. Why? Two words: ULF SAMUELLSON. Look it up if you're too young to know the history.

    1. Way less than Ideal - the ending was horrible as was most of the play after the 1st period.
      Oh well - that's why it's a best of 7 or whatever.

      I remember Ulf - but his memory has no negative connotations in my head Gary. Whatever it is that you are referencing must be beyond my years of semi following the sport :)

    2. Samuellson took out Cam Neely with a knee-on-knee hit that cost Neely his career. Well, it WAS 20 years ago by now...

    3. As a CAPS fan, I hate the Penguins. Of course then again for the next two weeks I will be focusing my dislike on the Bruins. Good luck Gary! I don't really mean it though. Go CAPS!

    4. I pretty much just follow Hockey during the playoffs.

      I've never been big into anything that is not football - However playoffs are always a lotta fun and luckily my team has been good the last few years again!

  3. 'Juxtaposition' - take it easy with those big words... :) Good luck downtown and with your Chinese crush!

    1. Thanks. I was talking to a buddy last night who said he wouldn't mind going and applying as well but he doesn't want to get the job because he wouldn't be making enough.
      He wants to get into a better casino right away so that he's bringing in better money to help his family out because he's been out of work for a while now.
      I tried putting it into context for him:
      If you get hired you are getting more practice and getting paid for it. If you don't get hired you are going to school and getting practice and NOT getting paid for it. Even if the money isn't great - it's still money!
      I think he came around to my logic by the end of the phone call.

      And thanks for the well wishes - we will see what happens.

  4. Maybe you should apply for a job as an instructor. You seem to get along with people, enjoy teaching them why they are being retarded, and able to convince them to go on interviews and stuff..

    1. He would make an excellent instructor!

    2. Oddly enough I think I would like that shit more than I'd like actually doing the work.

      I realize this but I don't have the qualifications to be an instructor.

      Today my back was hurting and I just felt off a bit, so I left and went to help 3 new people who just recently started on the "kiddie" tables instead of working on improving myself.

    3. What qualifications do you need? Your good, helpful, etc, so maybe you go to dealer instructor school for a few months to get a certificate.. :)

    4. You should talk to the teacher about your interest in it. I personally know that you have the ability and patience to be a great teacher.

  5. Funny story about ex-wrestlers. I started at my current job about 12 years ago and my boss on the production floor was Tom Zenk. Not sure if you know him, but he was half of the Can-Am connection way back in the day and let me tell you, he is fucking nuts. He was fired some 8 years ago and now I am in the postition that he used to be in. He got way wrapped up in Pain killers and meth. The day he got fired was when he was high as hell and drove his car into the warehouse through the bay door and crashed into a rack destroying about 100 grand worth of product. Just thought you may remember the guy.


    1. Yeah man, Dude used to tag up with Rick "the model" Martel!

      I got to meet Martel recently and thought that was awesome - I love the old school. Guy was cool as shit, shared a lot of stories and is a smart guy. Invested in several businesses and whatnot to keep the income going so he had $$$ when his career ended.

  6. I know it. Rick Martel was a smart guy. Too bad Z-man did not follow the same path. After I got hired and got to know Tom, the stories he told were incredible as I was an avid old wrestling fan. But he was out of his mind and I can not help but figure that Steroids and pain killers made him a maniac.