Friday, April 06, 2012

F You!

Today we have our first Special Guest Post of the month and kicking it off is MissingFlops.
I'd give a better intro but I just spend the last 12 hours sleeping and have to run to work!!!

Well I’m happy to lead off the guest posting for grrouchie’s alphabet project. Grrouchie
assigned me the letter F which is, of course a letter rife with possibilities. It occurred to me that F could
stand for Football, but I’m a Seahawks fan, he is a Steelers fan and that was just going to lead to some
very dark places. F could also stand for Friends which has been one of the side benefits of blogging
and playing poker. Since poker is a common bond for most of the readers here I thought I could talk
about Folding which may in fact be the most important poker skill there is. Of course, F obviously makes
one consider the various ways to center a post around certain adult activities … who knows, perhaps
Grrouchie assigned me this letter in the hopes that I’d deliver a post talking all about salacious activities.
I’ll admit that I considered doing so for a moment, but in the end I decided that F stands for Feline and
that I am going to tell you the story of my cat.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to Posh.

Posh is a male cat who is around 13 or 14 years old. I first met Posh due to Mrs.
Flops, who back then wasn’t Mrs. Flops. In fact, back then – I was in the dreaded friend zone. At the
time I was living in a rented condo and the not yet, but eventually Mrs. Flops had recently moved in to
share the place with me. She had brought along with her two cats that had been her pets for a while.
This was an interesting development as the terms of my lease were pretty clear that pets weren’t
allowed. The two cats were well behaved though, confined their bodily functions to the litter box and
didn’t cause any trouble.

Now Posh was not one of the aforementioned cats. Really, that would be kind of a boring story.
No, Posh was actually the subject of a call I got from my new roomie a few months later. It seemed she
was walking out to her car after work when a tiny face emerged from a bush that was next to her car. It
was a stray little kitten who apparently looked like it was much in need of a home. So that’s Posh right?
No, Posh was one of the three other little faces that emerged from the bush after the first one had
hooked in the Eventual Mrs. Flops. One of her work friends dashed into a nearby grocery store to get a
box to gather the brood in. Now what? Well, the Eventual Mrs. calls me at the office crying about how
she found these little kittens and they need a home and can’t we watch over them for a while? I don’t
know if she thought I was going to put up some resistance to the idea what with the lease situation and
all, but really, after you’ve crossed the line of breaking the lease by bringing in two full size cats, there
really isn’t any problem with bringing in four more, especially when they were small. So, I entered the
kitten rescue business.

We couldn’t get the new brood checked out at the vet till the next day, so to make sure there
weren’t any issues with them having any kind of disease that would get passed on to the previous two
cats we kept the kittens in a box with some blankets in the garage that evening. During the evening I
went down to check out the new arrivals. I looked into the box and one of the little ones looked up at
me and caught my eye. I reached in to give him a few pets and he played with my hands. Do you know
about imprinting? Well in that moment, Mr. Posh and I imprinted on each other.

Why Posh, you ask? Well that name was determined the next day at the vet’s office. We
had these four little ones wandering around the exam room while we were waiting and it was clear
that there was enough of a connection between the little ones that there should be some connection
involved in naming them. There were four of them, it was the late nineties and so it was pretty easy to
stumble on to … the Spice Kittens. Sure enough, we had a Baby, a Sporty, a Scary and a Mr. Posh (we
conveniently overlooked any gender implications of the names). Scary and Baby quickly found new
homes but Sporty, and of course Posh, remain with us to this day.

I can honestly say, I’ve never had a connection to an animal the way I have to him. He knows
when things aren’t going especially well for me, and during those times, he is always seeking me out to
cuddle. If I’m sitting somewhere he will usually come around looking to crawl up in my lap. It goes back
to that imprinting moment when he was in the box down in the garage. I looked down into that box, he
looked up at me and he chose me pure and simple. I am his human – sometimes he lets me think he is
my cat. I get sad now and then because I’m realizing that I’ve had more time with him in the past than
I am going to have in the future, but when those thoughts creep into my head I just try and push them
out. He’s still in great shape and still loves to run around the house and play. I know he’ll be around for
a while longer and I know that regardless of how long he is here he will always be my boy.


  1. Wow, excellent post. I'm a cat lover so maybe that's why I enjoyed it so much. Posh sounds very much like my boy, Axl (named after axl rose - lol - right up there with the spice girls!) He and his sister were found abandoned and he was my boy ever since, and yeah, I was his only human, although when my son came along he tolerated him. Axl lived to 19 1/2 sigh....great story that inspired great memories.

    1. I love cats. I had one named Valentine.

    2. Oooo sweet name for a kitty!

    3. Glad you liked the story. It was fun going back over it and reliving those memories.

  2. You have plenty of time with Posh, Flops. Enjoy him - though it certainly sounds like you are.

    1. Definitely and he and I will certainly get the most out of our time.

  3. It's hard watching your pets age. My dog could hardly walk at the end but he was happy all the way to the end. The important thing is that they are not in pain

    1. Yeah Tat, seeing them age sucks, but it's all worth it.

    2. His biggest pain is dealing with the new male kitten that arrived on the scene about a year and a half ago. Many alpha cat skirmishes have erupted, though my guy now clearly has the upper hand.

  4. Just getting home from work - sorry about that formatting (copy paste at the last second failed me lol).

    I'll try to make it look a bit better this evening sometime.

    1. No no, we're supposed to make like that's an artistic choice.

  5. Great cat post! Kinda surprised I liked it so much since I definitely a dog person.

    1. Growing up, we were completely a dog family. In fact, I would say my dad had an active dislike of cats (which he's now definitely gotten over).

      So having walked both sides of the street, I have to say I really like cats. They have a rep for not being affectionate, but I don't find that the case. It's just that they don't give their affection away easily.

  6. Cats actively try to murder me :)

    my Monster recently got in a 2 second skirmish with a cat the other night.

    He saw him, growled a bit and the cat darted out in a direction that he thought was away from Monster (i guess he only heard and didn't see).
    Monster ran as well and they collided and for 2 seconds you heard them smack together, both make their animal noises and then dart off in opposite directions again.
    I wish I coulda got that on tape lol.

  7. Great post. I'm more of a dog person mostly due to being allergic to cats in a pretty big way. There is a semi-stray one in my area that has somewhat adopted me. He/she is such a sweetie though. I don't feed it or anything, it just apparently likes me enough to come running over to me and hang out on my porch. I know someone takes care of it, so when I move I know it will be okay. I'm still going to miss it though.

    I had a dog when I was growing up and I still miss her to this day even though she died about 9 years ago.

    In the end, whether you are a dog lover or a cat lover a pet is one of the greatest things that can happen to your life.