Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Zombie Day

Today we celebrate the worlds first recorded zombie.  He rose from the grave looking for chocolate bunnies, colored eggs and, of course, Brains.  Yes, it is Easter once again.

While I'm of the slightly not religious variety I hope that I don't offend anyone's senses.  However, if I do, you must be new here.

It's awfully wonderful having my parents back around me, especially during the holidays.  I'm not one to celebrate them but I really like at least having someone around during them.

This year I was treated to an Easter basket of goodies (minus the Basket and the fake colored grassy looking crap).  I got a bag of Reeces PB cubs and I got 3 5packs of Cadbury Chocolate Creme eggs.  Oh the gooey goodness that is encapsulated in each and every bite of that lovely chocolate shell.   They were also nice enough to surprise me with Super Mario 3D Land for the Nintendo 3DS.  They know I haven't really been spending much money and paying off bills not to mention killing myself with this whole school and class thing at the same time so that I can at least pretending I'm trying to better my life.  So, I was quite excited to receive that gift and have been playing it off and on today.
It is quite a fun little game and the 3D is very well done - Unlike that f'n re-released movie Titanic.

One of my favorite comedians of all time, Sam Kineson doing his Easter Routine.

Lots of colorful Easter eggs to suit your fancy. I personally love the Mario ones and the Dalek myself.

How about some Storm Troopers to make your day 100% better?

I hope everyone has a great day no matter how you choose to celebrate it.
I'll be having dinner with my folks which I think is turkey or chicken or... well, it is some sort of bird, that much I do know.  Probably some Mashed Potatoes as well and some corn, stuffing and whatever else ends up on my plate.

TBC emailed me earlier today saying that some dealer from NY who's been in Vegas the past week and will be coming back for the WSOP wants to meet me before she heads back to the other side of the world so there is a small chance that I might end up doing that later tonight.
If that doesn't happen then it's probably craps practice for an hour or two and then bed.  4:30 am comes earlier than it reasonably should.

Tomorrow night is also the GWAR concert (which was almost my G post) and it's going to be a f'n great time.  It's going to make Tuesday drag something awful and I'll probably pass out quite early from being up so late the night before (and hopefully covered in synthetic blood and jizz and whatever else gets sprayed into the audience).

May all your eggs be colored and not fertilized.


  1. Are you and Tony fighting over the same woman from New York? If she is still handing out money and foood please ask her not to forget the poker guys in the Midwest!

    1. I know you're joking but I would never fight over a woman. Not worth the hassle or drama.

      However, I'm cool with meeting new people which is the only reason I'd do it.
      Besides, I've got my eyes on a Chinese lady from class :)

  2. Replies
    1. Carmel, like Dr. Who? I swear to God if you can name your favorite Doctor and defend your decision in 400 humorous words I will marry you. Yes, I'm aware there's a paperwork issue and no, you have no say in this matter.

    2. you want 400 words on why she loved David Tennant and his Converse sneakers?

    3. Gary, every Friday is Doctor Who night at the local scifi center, it a comic book store. I will name my favorite Doctor soon and why.

    4. Dream...girl...she's my little dream...girl...

    5. Gary who is your favorite Doctor?

  3. i am glade you enjoyed having us around for the Holiday

  4. Boy, is that ever cheating using your "H" for "Happy" Zombie Day. Yeesh. Backed yourself in a corner there, didn't you, old man? Tsk, tsk.

    Glad you could spend Easter with your folks. I'm surprised your folks are in Vegas, I assume they followed you out there once you assured them it was safe!

    And your dad even reads your blog? How sweet!

    1. actually - Sundays are the day of rest sir so H has not been done.

      Hopefully I come up with a quick Idea because the amount of free, and awake, time that I have today is pretty close to zero.

      Tonight I have a show to attend which means after class I'm hoping to take a nap for 2 or so hours so that I, myself, am not a member of the Zombie society tomorrow.

  5. That carton of eggs would be GREAT in the fridge for a houseguest to open up... :)

  6. I would be remiss if I didn't mention that Zombie Jesus had just magnificent hands. Do you think He moisturizes, or slathers on some anti-zombie juju, or something?