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Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Idea I Wish I Came up With

Within mere moment of me walking into the establishment I turned to my friend and loudly, over the music, proclaimed that "When we were younger this is the dream we never knew we had and the Idea we wish we came up with."
Yep, it's an Arcade and it's a Bar rolled into one.
Man, this is the shit my wet dreams are made of.  Wall to wall old Arcade systems (most of them appear to be working perfectly fine but some have issues that should be fixed) with a pretty awesome bar in the middle. Hot beer wenches, a dance floor so the ladies don't get bored and a live DJ.  If I weren't already half in the bag (3/4 of the way really) and my phone running under 20% battery life left I might have been smart enough to take some pictures of the awesome set up.

So, not only was I like a kid in a candy store (a dirty old kid mind you because the eye candy was pretty amazing as well) but I got even more giddy as I saw the games of my youth everywhere.  Pac-Man, Ms Pac-Man (I spent more time on this machine than any other), Glaga, Astroids, Metal Slug (Player 1's "action" button is broken sadly) Street Fighter (various forms), Burger Time and too many others to mention.  It was pure awesome and I didn't even bother to check out the individualized booths where you pick the system you want to play and go from there.

Surrounding the bar are a bunch of large flat screen TV's which are mostly showing video game action that is going on in the Lounge as you watch.  I watched a few matches of Street Fighter X Tekken and will just say that even though I am no fighter expert the one dude was pretty bloody awful.  Other screens showed some great footage of NBA 2k12 and some Madden.  I think I had a nerd hard-on the entire time I was there.

With such diversity inside the lounge I got to see a wide range of "groups" that showed up as well.  There were people there only to drink and dance, there were people just chilling with friends and there were those like me wondering around wide-eyed and bushy-tailed from machine to machine trying to decide where to stick my quarters next.  I cannot wait to go back as I'm still in awe of what I saw.

Not only that, but being that yesterday was the 1st time I ever went I also got to attend their 365th day celebration.  That's right, yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of them opening this mecca of awesomeness which I will now devote a bigger percentage of my life to (and my quarters).

Insertcoins - you have built something that I never knew I longed for - everyone from my generation sits with jaws dropped at this splendid idea.  Congratulations to my new favorite spot in Vegas!

Check out their website and check out the lounge when visiting Vegas


  1. Sounds real interesting to say the least. Although I haven't kept up with all the latest video game systems, back in the day I was really into it. Of course, I remember when the original "Pong" was hot shit.

    So does this place have a cover charge or is it just pay as you go? I could definitely see myself checking this place out on a future Vegas visit.

    1. I don't know if it's the norm or not, but last night was a $5 cover - and even if that is norm I'm ok with it because 1) it's only $5 and 2) hopefully goes to help maintain the systems.

      Also, one of my first systems was "pong" that had a switch and they called the 2nd game "hockey" which was Pong with some extra blocks in the way lol.
      I played the SHIT out of that system - and then my NES and so on. I've been hooked since then.
      But I had so much fun playing Ms Pac-Man last night it was kind of sad lol

    2. Rob - I just got verification that the cover charge is only Friday/Saturday and Special Events.

    3. OK, good to know. Thanks. BTW, did you get that email I sent you Friday evening?

    4. Yes - I just haven't stopped moving over the last few days as I have some old friends from out of town visiting and getting me drunk repeatedly :)

      I enjoyed it a great deal and it will go up sometime in the near future - Thanks!!!

    5. Arey they getting you drunk to have their way with you? Or are they not that kind of friends?

      Email me and let me know when you plan on running it so I can be ready. Thanks.

    6. I am not that kind of friend.
      I've only ever had casual sex with one person and I can say I probably will never do it again.
      It's just not for me.

      I'm the guy that others feel safe getting drunk with because I'm not going to try to put the moves on anyone!

    7. You stand corrected my friend, you put the moves on me.

    8. I actually never put any moves on you - you, sadly, did all the "moves"
      I went along with it.
      I was watching the movie and drinking like a good, well mannered young lad.

    9. You were rubbing on me that I remember!

    10. To your advantage I'm just un-lady like enough to do something about it :)

  2. I love that place! Went with Russell the love muscle a few weeks ago.

    1. Place really makes me nostalgic for younger years.

      It's brilliant!

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  4. You are too funny. I can actually feel the testosterone seeping through my laptop.

    1. That's where most of my testosterone is stored (not your laptop specifically though).

  5. That does sound fun. When we rented out the Palazzio for Football they had a FREE Galaga game! I love Galaga! I do really well at it. :P. I too remember playing Pong and Pong Hockey as a kid. I think it was on an Atari machine originally. I wonder how much it cost back then? LOL.

    1. I wonder as well, however mine was picked up dirt cheap at a yard sale which is the only reason I ever had one.

      I used to go to a friends house to play the old Atari.

      I can always play classic games though - even in High School I'd go over to a friends house who had an atari and we would play that instead of anything new.
      I remember many nights spent playing countless hours of asteroids and the like!

  6. Sounds like a great place. I've been intrigued about it since it opened but haven't ever found my way down there. Pretty cool to combine the arcade experience from "pre-bar" days with drinks, music etc.

    1. Yeah - I initially dismissed it because of the people that I knew were going to it.
      However, after being there, I love it.

      If you can put up with loud 'club' music you'll be fine. That is probably the biggest issue for some is that the music is really loud and mostly pretty bad. I'm willing to deal with that though

  7. This place is walking distance from Freemont St. Exp, right? Perhaps we should hit it together some time. I might even have a beer, but don't quote me on that.

    1. I'm all for hitting it up Rob, I've got a bunch of quarters itchin to be pumped into something!

      If you don't have a beer I'll probably have some for you lol. The past few years I have not been much of a drinker at all - the past few days I think I've consumed more than I have in the previous year combined lol.

    2. Quarters?

      Who gave you the quarter?

      (I'm sure you know that old joke)

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