Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Betting on the Pigskin - Week 3

The time has come once again for me to sit down and type out some predictions for everyone to marvel over. Last week there was not a whole lot of marveling as my predictions were pretty much crap, but alas I'm new at this game and much like my rugged handsome features my sports betting prognostication will get better with time.

I've changed my sports-book of choice to look up my NFL betting odds this time around because I feel that maybe a change of scenery will help my predictions.  Paddypower currently does not take wagers from U.S. citizens currently (though they are looking to change that in the future) so unless you are on the other side of the pond please do not have any wild dreams about jumping on board and placing the wagers that I am putting forth here.  Currently, I can only bring fame, riches and glory to those outside of the United States!!!

The NY Giants are +2.5 vs Carolina which I think is a fabulous bet to take as I feel the Giants are going to win this game.
Buffalo is currently listed at -3 vs Cleveland and I pretty much feel that betting against Cleveland every week is a guaranteed way to make money.
The Bengals are listed at +3 vs the Redskins which I think is also a fantastic pick.  RG3 is a great player but their defense just lost it's best player and another guy who anchored their line.  The Red Bomber and AJ Green are going to have an easier time without Orakpo in Daltons face every single play.
Detroit Lions are -3.5 vs the Titans and I think you'd be stupid NOT to bet this game.  From what I understand CJ2k was recently questioned on his whereabouts for the two Titan murders that were committed the past two Sundays.
49ers -6.5 vs Minnesota I think is another good one as the 9ers D is good enough to shut down All Day AP especially since the Vikings do not have a passing game.
Greenbay -3 vs Seattle - Even though I think Seattle will play the Packers tough, I still think Green Bay wins by 10 points.  Seattle is an up and coming team but Russel Wilson is going to feel the wrath of Clay Matthews to the tune of another 3 sacks.

Those are my 6 picks and I'm really liking the way they look.  This week there are a lot of tough match-ups and games that could go either way.  The NFL has a lot of parity currently with only a couple teams that really stand out among the rest and a couple that are well below the rest.

So, here's to hoping with my new found online sports book and their NFL betting odds will propel me to greatness!
Last week I finished 2-4 on my predictions and this week I'd really be happy with a 4-2 finish to get me to .500 on the season.

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  1. The Giants slightly covered vs Carolina
    1-0 on the week baby!!!