Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Night Update

I've been learning over the past few months that if you start with the bad, the dirty, the awful or whatever else and end with something positive nothing seems that bad in the end.
So, without blah blah blah.

Sports Betting:
I start out sucking which really proves to me that I shouldn't be putting real money on games.
So, some positive with my negative I guess.
Pats vs Cards - 48.5 OVER - Actual 38 points..... 0-1
Vikings vs Colts - 45.5 UNDER - Actual 43 points ... 1-1
Saints -2.5 vs Panthers - Panthers won - 1-2
Cowboys -3 vs Seahakws - Seahawks won - 1-3
49ers -7 vs Lions .... Lions lost by 8.... 1-4
Chargers -6.5 vs Titans.... Chargers Covered ... 2-4

Total 2-4 and would have definitely lost money this week! Score one for being a tight-ass with my money and refusing to sports bet!

Steelers won and looked very dominant after the 1st quarter.
Ravens Lost and that's always good.

Strat - Scumdogs:
Antonio Brown had 7 receptions.
C.J. Spiller ran wild again averaging over 8 yards per carry in the game and over 10 for the season thus far!

I set out a goal of doing 50 today and decided upon doing random sets of 10 throughout the day.
For my morning shift I did 3 sets of 10. In the afternoon I did 2 sets of 10 and felt myself wearing down.
In the evening I did another 2 sets and finished at 70 push-ups for the day!!!
I'm hoping to do 100 next Sunday as my stretch goal.  I want to try for one more set for the night but I don't want to push it too hard so I'm ending at 70!
For the rest of this week I'm going to keep doing sets of 10 and then next week I'll up to to 11 or 12 or whatever I feel comfortable with.  Either way, I'm getting in some exercise and muscle building as well so this has to be a win-win for the fat man right?


  1. If the lions lost by 8 you won with the 49ers -7 so weren't you actually 3-3?

    1. I forgot to highlight who it was that I choose.
      I predicted the Lions would win or cover..... Not the 9ers..
      So, 2-4 it is lol....

    2. grrouch in that case, if you type it out with a +7 after the Lions then the confusion is all cleared up. As for your first sports betting experience, it wasn't too bad. Yesterday was a losing day for most I think, and the only pick you made that I didn't like was the Saints. Stay away from them all together until the lines adjust, then jump on them as dogs or small favourites when at home. I got burned by the Cowboys and Patriots yesterday, but scored with the Rams against Skins and the Fins against the Raiders.

    3. Thanks for the tip on that one.
      I was just copy/pasting it from the lines that I got online ha!

      Next week it'll be more proper and hopefully better results.

      Also, I almost won Lucki Ducks pick-em in week two...
      His page has me improperly listed as taking the Giants but I choose the Bengals and was the only one who didn't pick the Giants or Pats - if the Bucs could have just held on I'd be in Hog Heaven lol...
      However there are only 4 teams left in it since the rest picked the Pats and as such my competition is smaller.

    4. I'm also in duck's pick-em or I should say I was. I picked the Pats due to the rule that we could use the same team more then once over the first half of the season. In a $20 survivor I am in where no duplicate picks are allowed, I went with the Bengals. Felt good after my buddy had laughed his ass off about the selection the day before, while telling me the Pats were a sure thing.