Sunday, September 16, 2012

Weight Loss - Day 98 - Plus some

Almost 100 days and still showing some minor progress and, more importantly, no regress.  
Yesterday I weighed myself because I knew it was going to be a rough night full of pizza and pasta go to with the Boxing Matches.  However, I did not overdo it which I'm pretty happy about.
Today I came in at 265.

5 more pounds to go to hit that all elusive 260 number.  Taking it one day at a time and one salad at at time.
I haven't updated on the push-ups but I'm still getting some in almost daily.  I found that with some stress that is going on in my life I think killing myself with the push-ups like I was ended up just adding a ton of tension into my neck/shoulder muscles which at one point caused a 3 day headache.  So, I've backed off on killing myself just trying to get as many as possible and instead of just cut back to doing a few sets per day to keep up with some sort of exercise and to slowly build my muscle that way instead.

Today, while watching Football, eating wings and drinking beer I'm going to put in at least 50 pushups over the course of the day.  It really sounds puny but just a couple weeks ago the most I could do when "maxing out" was literally 6.  So, I'm actually quite happy with my progress and the fact that I can do 10+ without a struggle at this point.

My bedroom is close to empty at this point.  Almost every single Blue Ray and Video Game I own has been packed up and transported to my storage unit waiting for the next move.  Everything I have been told points to being able to start cleaning/moving back into the house this coming Saturday/Sunday.

Last night after I came home from the boxing matches one of my neighbors approached me asking me if I knew where to buy some weed.  She said she was told by someone else that I smoke and would know. I had to disappoint her and send her on her not-so-merry way weedless and sulken.

Speaking of Boxing - Las Vegas was home to two different big events last night.  One which was fought at the Thomas n Mac Center (I think) was on PPV and that one included the Chavez Jr fight.  The one I watched was billed as the Knock Out Kings and was full of talent surrounding Oscar De La Hoya (however you have to spell that) and was free on Showtime and overall was a good set of fights.  These fights took place at the MGM Grand!

The only fight of the evening that was a disappointment was the final fight, Canelo vs Lopez and that is only because I haven't been a boxing fan in years and know nothing about any of the fighters.
Lopez was over matched big time.  I believe he stepped up a weight class to fight Canelo and it really showed. Canelo, the champion, looked bigger and better and really beat down the smaller man.  Canelo is one of those guys to watch because he might be a force.  He is only 22 years old but he's already fought like 48 times so far with no losses and only one draw.  However, at this point in his career he is going to start fighting better competition and will be fun to watch.
Currently I am downloading the HBO PPV from last night so I can watch those fights as well.

I am ready for football today.  In a previous post I listed some games that I would have bet on if I were a betting man. So, I'm looking forward to seeing how well I guessed those games as I keep track during the season.  
Steelers vs Jets today - Big game as the Steelers need to bounce back with a win.  I can't say for sure and will feel more confident after the 1st quarter of the season is over, but there is a good chance the Steelers are fighting for a Wild-Card spot again as the Ravens really look to be taking off offensively while still maintaining  a damned good defense.  We cannot afford to lose a 2nd game to start the season and be two games back of Baltimore and potentially 1 game back of Cincy as they play the inept Browns today.
Here we go Cleavage here we GO!


  1. Browns played Philly tough and the Bengals got throttled by the Ravens - that game might be interesting...

    1. The Cle/Phi game was pretty much a game of slop.
      Cleveland might be getting better at least defensively but it will take me a few games to be convinced.

      Those Ravens are a bit scary if their offense keeps clicking.
      OUR offense should be clicking like that as well but yet again, O-line problems.... two guys getting hurt in the 1st game again....
      This is a cycle I'm SICK of.