Monday, September 24, 2012

Goals for October

I'm Exhausted from moving all day and still have to do all the heavy stuff sometime tomorrow.
However, I can't fall asleep and as such I'm finishing this post up and posting it up early in most respects.

Whilst browsing through some of the random stats from my page, who visits it and how people get here I happened upon a blog that I've been enjoying the shit out of - Not Necessarily Something.

I think y'all should visit and read the randomness, there is a lot of fun and joy to be had over there.

However, the reason for the link love this evening is because I liked his post about Goals For September and I'm blatantly stealing it.

You see, I haven't really had a post like this for quite a while, in fact I don't really think I've set up monthly goals for myself since I stopped playing online poker so much (and Live poker to a degree as well).  So, it's a good idea to give yourself goals for a period of time and see where you are at the end of it.  And Thus, A new monthly series on grrouchie dot com is going to be my goals.

Goals for October

1 - Beat 1 Video Game - I have barely played any video games at all this year and I am a self proclaimed video game addict.  I don't know if I've just been in a funk or if maybe I'm getting over my addiction (if I could get over the addiction to stop buying the damned things that would be pretty impressive also) or if maybe my tastes are changing away from this entertainment medium, but I'd like to find out.   So, beating one game is not that hard of a challenge if I truly still do love to play them.  Can I regain the passion or am I doomed to a life of playing Skylanders with children?  

2 - Read 2 books - Reading is something I love to do in spurts and then I just randomly quit for years on end. I'll literally read like 15 books over the course of 3 months and then not read another single book for 4 years - I've done this a lot over the course of my life.  Last November when I got my Kindle Fire I started reading like a fiend.  Through February I read 14 books and then found a boring one that I just couldn't get into.  I haven't read, nor attempted to read, anything since then.  Gotta break this habit.  So, I'm either going to read Insomnia or The Wind Through the Keyhole by Stephen King - or both since my goal is to read 2 books.

3 - Push myself to be-able to do 100 push-ups and 100 sit-ups in a single day (not necessarily all at once, but over the course of an entire day).   An exercise goal is great to put in here because if I want to focus on it then I should set a goal of some sort instead of just saying "well, I'll do whatever I can do."  I'm slowly getting to the push-up goal but I haven't even started doing sit-ups yet so this will be very difficult I think.

4 - Calculate how many bad drinks I injest - I liked his #4 so I'm going to do similar, but first I have to get the calculations.  I know I drink A LOT of sugary beverages - like a fucking lot.  I'm pretty sure that if you ran tests on me part of my blood stream would be Diet Mt Dew.  I'm also positive that I have mini Dew cans living inside my liver and kidneys.  I also injest quite a few energy drinks over the course of a month when I'm running on E or when I have to be to work at or before 6 am and I didn't fall asleep until late.  I drink very little Starbucks so I'm expecting that number to be very reasonalbe, but I still have a few and I'd like to see just how many. Then there is Beer - my love, my joy.  I don't drink often, but I like to drink a lot when I do.
So, in october I'm going to keep track, on my phone, the number of non-water beverages that I am consuming and get back to you on what that number means to me!

5 - Budget, Budget Budget - I've gotten away from something that I instinctively should be doing all the time. I have a degree in fucking accounting for crying out loud. I preach to the masses that they need to budget and keep good records and here I am being a lazy bastard for most of this year and not having a budget and not having good financial records or anything.  So, I'm going to create a budget and I'm going to track my spending and I'm going to come up with some sort of plan after the fact.   Yes - this WILL happen probably.

I'll stop this list at 5 because 5 is a very reasonable number.
The only other thing I'd like to do is get on some sort of posting schedule which really works well for some of the others.  You know - Football picks on Weds, jerk off stories on Thursday, Poker on Friday, Weight loss on Sunday, etc...  I'm not going to list this as a goal though - it's just something I hope I put some thought into and if I don't then who cares right?  I mean, I'm cool with being random and all over the charts.


  1. Hey, thanks for the mention. Turned out that I delayed my goals till next month. Maybe drinking 8ish beers in the first evening had something to do with it. I like your goals better. You added something purely fun to yours in #1. I ought to do that when I try this again for October.

  2. Hey grrrouch,

    Thanks for the link, you're right, the blog is great. I spent time with his band wars and found a number of new albums. Any help needed with your 5th goal, I'm your man. I'm obsessively budgeting all day, every day.

  3. Who schedules their freakin blog posts?!... #lame

  4. HAHAHA!!! Love the photo. "Beer, my love, my joy..."

    I saw a chiropractor on Monday who was all into nutrition and all that shit and I was like, "Look, I'll have an apple now and then, but I'm not giving up beer. That's a quality of life issue." Of course, he backed away.