Sunday, September 02, 2012

Weight Loss Day 84

12 weeks into this thing and I'm still maintaining.  3 months. Not too shabby if I do say so myself.
This week I gained 0.2 pounds and tipped the scales at 266 which I'm going to consider a win right now.  Last week was the first time my cycle didn't involve getting back up to 268 by Sunday and this week I was actually able to maintain that which means that this new found 2 pounds should be permanent and it is time to work on getting below 265.

Actually, my real goal is to get below 260 by the time my company arrives at the end of September.  The last week is going to be jam packed with whatever the hell I decide to do especially since I'll be on vacation during most of it.

Once again I have started to try and work simple exercises into my "sit at home on my fat ass and do nothing all day long" routine because every bit helps right?  Last time I did this I started with push-ups and the routine I was doing was all wrong for me, I didn't show a whole lot of progress and I ended up spraining my wrist at work which killed it for about a week or longer.  By the time my wrist was ready to go again I had given up on the idea.  So, I promise nothing but I'm trying again!

Being that I'm too lazy to track down the actual post I cannot pin point exactly who said what but I know when I first started talking about push-ups, and strength building exercises in general, there was a debate about certain systems and what worked and what didn't.  It was either ~Chuck or Fboyyyyyyy who came forth and suggested a method of just maxing out on whatever the desired exercise it is you are doing. Go balls to the wall and push yourself until you physically cannot do it again.  Repeat this 3 or so times over the course of a day and then take the next day off.  Repeat this cycle every other day.
And this is what I have decided to do this time around.  So, as I started back up this past week my first day I just used as a "benchmark" to see how truly week I am and maxed out at 6.
Yes - 6, Six.  No more and no less.  Weak and pathetic.  Whatever, we all have to start somewhere.  Point is much like the magical number of 300 pounds it's going to be a laughing point in the past where I look back and am like "wtf, seriously?"
My first week of it I did two sets every day mostly because my first real day off I was really feeling it. My shoulders were tense, my muscles were tight. I knew that I worked them pretty damned hard.

Week 1 went something like this
Day 1 - 10 in the Morning 10 in the Afternoon (Was going to do 3 but was really feeling it)
Day 2 - 10 in the Morning 12 in the Evening
Day 3 - 13 in the Morning 14 in the Afternoon
Day 4 - 16 in the Morning 14 in the Afternoon 14 in the Evening
Today is my day of rest.
I was quite happy that I was able to complete 3 sets yesterday and am actually looking forward to my push-up days.  Thinking about doing sit-ups during my off days just so I have a full routine every week and take Sunday's off because dammit - Football starts next Sunday

I think 3 weeks has been my record for trying to keep up with a push-up/sit-up routine. I'm now entering week 2 so lets see if I can stick with this like I have stuck with my commitment to actually losing weight.

Stay Skinny my Friends!


  1. Congrats on the weight loss and keeping it off.

    You are answering the question of how much weight have I lost? What is the answer to the question of how have my eating habits changed?

    1. MoJo - I've lost 34 pounds since I hit 300 sometime earlier this year.

      Once I saw I hit 300 I changed a lot of my eating habits. I was getting fast food at work probably 3+ times per week and eating out other various times on top of that. I also ate too much at home for meals and snacked way too often.
      So - what I have changed is that I now take my lunch to work which is a lot more controlled. Salads, sandwiches and (mostly) healthier snack options.
      I eat Fruits and Vegetables of some sort every day now. Kiwi, Grapes, Banana's and strawberries for the fruit portions and I have been taking some baby carrots to work as a snack option as well.

      When I am at home I have slowly cut down on my portion sizes.

  2. Do you listen to Hendrix when you work out???;)

    1. You know I do.
      Sometimes I put Stairway to Heaven on repeat for the whole workout.

  3. Sounds like things are working. Sometimes you plateau and then lose like crazy. Who can figure? gl

    1. I'd rather plateau than gain any of it back.
      Slow and steady wins the race.

  4. I'm way too lazy to have suggested something like that, so it must have been Fboy. I'm more of a semi-regular moderate cardio guy, but whatever works. And it sounds like what you're doing works, so bully for you and keep it up. And lightening's right, it's hard to figure the cycle of plateaus and losses, but the losses do come.


    1. Next month I'll be close to a gym than a bunch of buddies hit up constantly so that will help with the motivation part.

  5. I feel weight loss practice differs for many people. so before doing starting a weight less diet program ask yourself, the reason why you are so heavy. according to that plan your weight loss diet program. For me it was so simple..i just stopped taking oil food and totally reduced my weight. Weight Loss Template

  6. First off doing pushups or any muscle exercise every day does not give your muscles time to heal and build up so is actually detrimental. I would not expect your fat ass to know this shit so I am helping out. :).

    I did this program for a long while. Got up to doing like 100 pushups in a session. The one thing about it is that it progresses REALLY fast so I just had to realize I was going to be doing weeks over multiple times. It really helped me to push myself and I got seriously awesome chest muscles. Doing five sets I think is for endurance.

    Anyway whatever you do good luck. I gotta start something up again and get this stupid blood pressure under control.

    1. Yeah - the 100pushups really does progress fast which is why I'm not doing that.
      And I know about the whole damage/heal/damage/heal cycle which is why I am doing every other day - but I appreciate any advice from one fat fuck to another :)
      Once I get to a point where I'm comfortable doing them I'll probably try the 100pushups routine for the endurance part of it. For right now I'm just uber lazy and need to develop any muscle at all so I'm taking it slow like I have been with everything else.
      If I jump in balls first I've been known to fizzle out after just a little bit.
      The diet I have been taking slow and sticking to it for a long period of time now, so I'm going to do the same with the exercise programs and everything else... Slowly ramp up after I'm in the habit of it and have less chance of backing out for whatever reason.

      Now I have to poop and go to work - I poop fast though