Saturday, September 15, 2012

Amazon Goes Above and Beyond

There have been other times on Twitter or Facebook or maybe even on here where I have talked about Amazon's superior customer service and how they continue to impress me with things that they do to take care of issues and even non-issues.

I love Amazon and will continue to do the majority of my shopping there because of the way that they aim to please the customer.

For instance - I had ordered a copy of Dead Rising 2 once upon a time and there was a pre-order bonus that was to come with the game.  The bonus was in the form of a code and some downloadable content.  Normally the code will get emailed to you about two days after the game is released.  However, Capcom screwed up and the codes were late by about 2-3 weeks.
After a week Amazon sent out an apology letter to everyone offering $10 in Amazon credit to be used towards your next video game purchase because the codes were late.
After another week it looked like the codes were just cancelled and Amazon sent out another email stating such and giving everyone a code for 50% off a purchase of another Capcom game (already out or able to be pre-ordered).
So, Because of this I got to Pre-order the Collectors edition of Marvel vs Capcom 3 at 50% off and then take an additional $10 off from there.
When my game came in the case was beat to hell over shipping. It was dented and broken at one point.  However, the big issues is that the game was also sold out and only available via resellers for about double the original price.
I sent Amazon an email asking if they were going to ever get more in and describing my situation.  What they had me do was place an order with one of their resellers and when the order went through they would reduce the price to zero for me.  They never asked for the one I already got back, they just gave me a new one to make things right.

I've had similar experiences like this a couple of times and now on to the reason why I decided to start this particular post.

I had pre-ordered an awesome collection set that was going to be coming out here in the near future.
It was a Marvel Avengers set with all of the Avengers tie-in Movies - all in Blue Ray and with the 3D versions for the movies that were released that way.  It came in Nick Fury's Briefcase and inside there was the glowing blue box of doom (whatever it's called) that actually housed all of the movies.  In short, it was a geeks wet dream, at least mine!
However, the makers of this package failed to actually get permission from the maker of the brief case to use the likeness for this release and they got sued and finally backed off - pulling the set and cancelling the pre-orders because of the ordeal.  They are now in a redesign phase for this collection but it won't be coming out until sometime next year.

This morning I received an email from Amazon that offered, to everyone who pre-ordered and did not cancel their order after finding out the package wasn't coming out this year, a code to receive a FREE 2 disc Blue Ray version of the Avengers for the inconvenience.
All because Marvel had to cancel the current package that they were going to release.
Amazon did not have to do anything.  They had nothing to do with the decision but yet they decided to give something away to show that they understand our frustration and want to do something to make it right.

So, bravo Amazon, once again you went above and beyond when I was actually expecting nothing. You gave me a nice surprise this morning and I'll be looking forward to my free copy of The Avengers.


  1. You post a lot. That's really cool.

    1. some days I have a lot of free time on my hands and no one wants to answer their phones lol :)

  2. I have found Amazon to be among the best. No complaints about them from the many orders we have placed.

  3. Never had a bad experience either. Much better than dealing with EBay and PayPal. Zappis is another great company if buying clothes. Free shipping and returns. Real fast too. I've ordered in evening and had item the next day. Summit racing also great for car parts. Very quick. That's the end of my unsolicited plugs :).

  4. Weber-Stephens is up there with the best if not the best, i have never used Amazon since i do not like to buy anything with out inspecting it myself 1st. My son has used Amazon and has never had an issue with the company.

  5. You probably know the rule when it comes to customer service: A customer who's had a bad experience satisfied is a more loyal customer than one who's never had a bad experience at all.

    There's a reason why Amazon is Amazon. Same goes for Zappos. I can tell you that Amazon is also very good to authors; they have fabulous promotions and their customer service is equally good.

  6. Overall, my Amazon experience has been good, but I do have a few issues with them.

    I have a "subscribe and save" order which is supposed to sent every 3 months. They email me a couple of weeks ahead of time to let me know the order is going to be delivered. One time I was already in Vegas and knew I would not be returning by the expected date. I asked them to delay the shipment for two weeks. Instead, they shipped about a day or two after confirming they would hold off the shipment.

    I told them to pull the shipment--I didn't want it left at my house and make it obvious no one was home. They got that right, but failed to tell me that I needed to reorder, I just assumed it would come when it was supposed to. Fortunately, I caught it in time to get it delivered before I traveled again.

    But next shipment, they used an absolute terrible shipper (not one that you've ever heard of), and the delivery guy never bothered to use my townhouse complex's intercom to see if I was home and could let him the complex, he just gave up when he couldn't get past the gate. I talked to the their office and told them how to get in. Instead, he left the package "someplace." I never got it, he even came to see to try to remember where he had left it. He gave up, and Amazon shipped me a new pacakage--overnite, either via UPS or FedEx at their expense.

    But I wanted to have it shown on my records never to use the original shipper again for ANY shipment ever. They told me they couldn't do that. I am baffled that they can't accept a request like that, and it quite frankly irks me.

    But the next shipment at least came via UPS.