Monday, September 24, 2012

Weight Loss - Day 106

Yeah, This week is busy and as such I didn't get around to updating this.
I also have another post that was composed and supposed to be published but I never got around to that either and it'll probably hit the trash bin because it's a couple of days past relevant unless I change some wording.

Before I start my all day excursion to Move my shit from one crappy apartment to the house I figure'd I should give the Weight Loss Update.

Got on the scale today and was at 263.X - it was 20 minutes ago and I cant remember the X.  It was either a 3 or an 8 (or any other number really) but the fact is that last Sunday I was at 265 even and now I'm slightly less - this is two weeks in a row of progress so it looks like I'm back on the train to skinny town.

grrouch out


  1. 163?!?!? Damn, that's like 130 pounds from where you started.

    1. It's either a typo it I had my torso removed.

  2. Lol... I figured as much. I just started trying in earnest to lose weight, but I'm not brave enough to post my successes and failures for all the world to see. I'm starting about where you did. I was 275 on day 1.

    1. I dedicate myself just a bit more if I put it out there for the world to see.
      I've tried several times to lose weight and this is by far the longest time I have stuck with anything and haven't lapsed to gain large chunks back.
      Keep up the good work and the results will follow.