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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tree Hundo and the winds of change

This is a big number here. 300. It’s a magical number, a mystical number. 300 is the amount that I had to see on the scale before I realized that I’m a bigger fat ass than I had realized. 300 is also the name of a really shitty movie, but that’s neither here nor there.

300 is the number that belongs to this post. I wasn’t going to bother to do a reflective post until probably hitting post number 500 but it was the significance in my life of 300 that I figured I should just do it now instead of later.

Maybe it’s also the fact that I really like to hear myself talk. Like to hear myself type? Like to hear my fingers beat off of the keyboard with that lustful rhythm that they have? Oh, I love me some me.

The reality is that I’ve had portions of this post written, deleted and then re-written a few times over the course of the past week as I knew that 300 was approaching - I was just going to make some long (or maybe short) winded post about how hitting 300 posts is a great accomplishment and how the next milestone is in a couple of months when I reach a full year of continuous blogging. However, over the course of the last week a lot of other stuff in my life has started to come together thus revealing the fact that it’s not just my 300th post but it’s really a whole lot more going on in my life around this particular “milestone.”

As most of you probably already know from myself or from Carmel the whole house situation has basically sorted itself out. Starting on Monday (probably Monday, maybe Sunday) I’ll be moving myself and my parents back into the house. This is mainly to give my parents a better sense of security as they approach the last quarter of their life or whatever the hell it might actually be. You never know if you’re going to live another 25 years, if you’re going to pass peacefully in your sleep or if you’ll have a freak bungee jumping experience where the cliff is 50 feet deep but the cord they gave you is 75 feet long. Life is full of surprises and as such you just have to go with the flow and live everyday to the fullest.

With that in mind I wanted to give my parents some peace of mind in these “golden” years of theirs. They never have to move again. Their rent is not going to increase (well, shit, I might start charging more just because I’m a greedy bastard). Some stability. I am a rock.

On top of that it looks like I’m going to begin the next portion of the year with a new job as well. Thursday I not only received a call for an interview for a management position at another store, but 30 minutes after that I received another call from a 2nd store offering me a position that I had applied for (though they said they won’t know the financials of it until Friday).

I’m not big on making decisions. I like to let life come at me and roll with everything. Had I received the offer before the interview phone call then there would be no issue. But now I’ve got things to think about, I’ve got decisions to make.
I have to choose between the easy path and the more challenging path.
I have to choose between comfort and the unknown.
One of these positions would be very easy for me because I’ve done it before and I’ve been in that department a whole lot. The other one is going to be more difficult because it’s More departments (but not more pay) and I don’t know them so I’d be forced to learn a whole new segment of the business that I’ve been apart of for the last 10 years.
One of them offers up an entirely new management team and the other offers up a manager I have worked with before and know what I can and cannot get away with.
Both are about the same distance from the house and give me approx 20 minutes travel time.
I’m over thinking everything, every aspect, every nuance. I know this but this is what I do.

To illustrate how much I hate to actually make decisions and the way I have dictated the way my life will work. When I was applying for college I sorted through the 13 million applications and recruitment letters that came to my house and narrowed everything down to maybe a handful of schools that I would be willing to attend. I then looked over the applications and chose to apply to the only school that did not make me write an essay as part of the application process.
Yes, I’m not making that shit up. I wanted to attend Pitt because of my love of all things Pittsburgh. The Steelers, the Pirates, the Penguins, everything. However, their application had either 1 or 2 essays that I’d have to write so I discarded it.
Instead, I applied to Penn State because there was no essay portion. After looking at the applications and the campuses I decide that I was going to Penn State - not that I was going to apply but that I was going. So, Penn State was the ONLY school I applied for and I never thought twice about it.
People in school thought I was stupid and asked me what my backup plan was. It was hard explaining to most of them that I didn’t need one, I was going to be accepted and there was no other way about it. In the end I was accepted and my life choices have led me to where I am and where I have been.
This is how I run my life. I make decisions and they just happen.
I totally forgot where I wanted to go with that, but much like everything else I’m not going to go back and re-read it and fix it up and whatever else. Those words stand on their own (or I hope so) and that’s that.

I know it doesn’t sound like a whole lot but for a guy who likes to take everything with a laid back attitude I’ve just got too much going on right now. I’ll be dying for a week of uninterrupted rest by the beginning of October.

Cleaning, Packing, Moving, Cleaning, Unpacking, Interviews, Deciding on a new job and a new store, Having two different sets of visitors in town to entertain amidst everything else.

Anyone want to give me a nice relaxing sensual massage with a happy ending to help take the edge off of my nerves?


  1. Uh, no massage here! but good luck on the decision. I feel like you're already leaning toward the easier job. Good pick.

    1. Think I'm leaning towards the one that will challenge me more actually.

  2. sooo... your living in your moms basement? just clarifying. ;).

    1. Yes, That's exactly it....
      If my house had a basement

  3. Great news on the house. I'm sue that took a lot of stress off. On the job front I myself would go with the one I was most familiar with. I've made a few changes over the years in my company and it is stressfull. So far it's always worked out for the best. Change is not always good tho.

    Can't help you with the massage but I have a 20% off coupon for a fleshlight I got at last years AVN convention. You can also get a great deal on a used one if you check EBay.

    1. That used fleshlight Sounds like a deal.
      Some things should never be bought used.

  4. Wow, what a post. Congrats on the 300th post.

    Congrats on moving back into the house you own.

    Congrats on moving in with your parents :)

    Congrats on the future new job, however your decide.

    I dunno thus first hand (so-to-speak) but I do believe that there are places in your fair city where you can get the kind of massage you reference--for a fee, of course.

    1. Thanks Rob,
      Most importantly is more money so I can start playing poker again.

  5. grrouchie good luck on your new job which ever one you choose, from experience choose the one you are more comfortable with. I was a manager with Key Energy Services for 3+ years hated every minute of it in all honesty. The perks were great but the stress was greater. A manager is only as good as his employees. I am glad to hear you are taking care of your parents most kids do not. My 2 sisters and myself took care of our parents till there passing my father in 04 and mother in 06.

    1. Thanks man.
      My family has done a ton for me over the years and I feel it is only right to do the same for them!

  6. Congrats on 300. GL with the job thing.

  7. Good luck with the job. Sounds like either choice could work out well for you, which always makes the actual decision harder. Congrats on the home and the 300.


    1. Thanks man.
      Everything has been a step in the right direction lately.