Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It's NOT OK Tuesday

I'm just following suit and being a great big copy cat, putting my own spin on it and calling it fucking original.

It's NOT ok that I was supposed to receive a phone call yesterday but it never happened.
It is OK, however, because a certain other opportunity might be rearing its ugly head that I'd be much better suited for.

Its NOT ok that I used the wrong fucking for of its at the beginning of this sentence and most people probably didn't notice.

It's NOT ok that the NFL doesn't give two shits about the refs and are perfectly happy with these 3rd rate replacement officials.
It IS OK that these 3rd rate refs are trying their damnedest to do the best they can under such shitty circumstances.
It's NOT ok that as spoiled fans we are bitching and moaning that the refs suck when we should focus on the fact that the fucking NFL Brass are the ones who suck by not sucking it up and giving in to some of the demands of the real officials so that they can get back to the field and do what they do best.

It's NOT ok that I have some vacation next week and have two sets of company in town and am going to probably have to ignore them almost the entire time they are here and then not see them for another bloody year.

It's NOT ok that life's going to suck when you grow up.
It's NOT ok that my Strat-o-Matic team has not gotten off to a good start in the NFL this year.
It's NOT ok that I have to fart but am actually kind of concerned because there is a chance that it might be more than a fart.

It's NOT ok that, seemingly at random, I add an extra space between some of these entries but at other times there is no space at all between entries.

It is OK that it's about time for bed.
It is OK that I fluctuate between it is and it's.
It's OK that I am trying to become a better person in life even though I really love being an asshole.
And It's ok that I only did 60 push-ups today!

grrouch out


  1. I'm proud of you for being a better person :)

    1. The first step is recognizing and admitting to your flaws.
      The 2nd step is making steps to correct them.
      The 3rd step is reverting back to being an asshole when all else fails :)

  2. Holy shit you did 60 pushups? It's ok that I'm impressed.

    1. Not all at once, but over the course of a day
      Not as impressive, but I'm getting there

  3. Even spread out, 60 pushups are 60 pushups -- impressive!

    1. Thanks for the kind words.

      Just trying to get in any kind of quick and easy exercise throughout my day!