Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I was told by my HR that I have an interview at another store tomorrow morning.  Kind of weird that they never called me to set it up and make sure that I'm actually available but I guess I can get over that fact.

There is good and bad about the position I'm interviewing for.  The good mainly being that it would put me back into a position of management and that I'd be making more money doing it.  The bad being that this is one of the few areas of the store that I am not familiar with. However, that being the case, that is also a positive because it's an opportunity to further my knowledge on my path upwards.

I've been through a ton of interviews at my company and been promoted quite a few times at this point.  I have a good understanding of what they are looking for answer wise and I generally have a great feel for what I should say based on the reactions that I am getting from the people giving the interviews.  However, every single time that I schedule an interview I still get nervous.
My stomach is currently turning just thinking about the probable questions that I am going to be getting tomorrow even though I know what they are, how to answer them and know one of the people giving the interview who has previously told me that he had no issues with any of my answers (my last interview).
My HR told me that she played me up big time when they called the store to ask about me and whether or not they should interview me.  My store manager told me to take the interview because (paraphrasing) it's about time I move back up into a management in the company instead of my current and previous positions.

So, I've got a huge vote of confidence from everyone I have talked to thus far and yet there is still a gnawing in the pit of my stomach.  

I truly hate that feeling. I'm the type who generally does not get nervous over anything.  Just go and perform and the results will follow.  I think it's the fact that I know in advance that I'm going to have to go through it and I over think everything and work myself up for no reason at all.

With that being said - I'm going to go watch some Dexter and get some sleep.
I leave you all with a picture of my girlfriends Vagina!

It's like throwing a hot dog down a hallway :(


  1. My advice would be to look at it as a freeroll - you don't detest your current spot (I don't believe), so go in confident and keep trusting your reads as the interview proceeds... Crush it!!! ;)

    1. Good advice Coach, however I think my "freeroll" is about to pan out much like the last one you played at the Riv!

  2. Just wear a Shocker tshirt, go commando and leave your fly unzipped. That's how I got my last job. Good luck.

    1. I put my balls on the table and asked if they had any questions for me.
      When they just sat there with mouths agape I thanked them for the interview and walked out.

  3. Good luck, man. I was recently in a similar freeroll interview situation, and it really did take the pressure off once things got underway. Of course if you're still anxious you could always smoke a bowl right before you go in. And be sure they can smell it on your clothes - it'll show em you're a proactive problem solver.