Saturday, September 15, 2012

Week 2 NFL Bets

I completely skipped week 1 and I did so on purpose because I was in mourning.
You see, I had actually planned on using a few bucks every week to make some parlay cards and ride out the wave of excitement like everyone else does in this fine city of mine.  I had adopted a guru who was going to help me out on my journey from novice to king of the fucking world and together we were going to ride off into the sunset with a hooker and a line of coke each.   Oh, life was going to be fanfuckingtastic.

Well, needless to say none of that happened or will happen - however the whole sports betting thing has kinda peaked my interest a bit.  I have never placed a wager before and I'm pretty certain that by the end of the football season I still will be a betting virgin.  My goal is to go through the games and analyze the picks that I would have made and keep track to find out where I would be by the end of the year.  Then to re-look at things next year and see if I'll take the plunge or just follow along pretending again.

So, with that being said - Here are the games that I would have placed money on in Week 2 if I were a betting man.
For this simulation I will be getting my odds from footballlocks just because when I did a Google search it was the first site to pop up.

Current NFL Record - 0-0-0

Week 2 Bets:

Pats vs Cards 48.5 - Over
Vikings vs Colts 45.5 Under
Saints -2.5 vs Panthers
Cowboys -3 vs Seahawks
49ers -7 vs Lions
Chargers -6.5 vs Titans

I think I'll stick with 6 of them today.


  1. I picked same on Vikes/Indy, but I have under on Pats/Cards... Go Steelers!

    1. I gave the pats 4 TD's and a FG and the Cards 18 -
      However - trying to figure out how to score 18 was the issue I didn't take into consideration..... so, going with that I would have put them at 17 or 20 ... and I"m good with 2 td and 2 FG against what was a weak pats D last year....
      With Kolb being the starter and Skelton being out (I didn't look at that) I would have gone with the under as well... my bad.

  2. Lucky you were not using big boy money.