Friday, September 07, 2012

48 hours later

Finally, after 48 hours it appears to all be over with.  Yesterday there were periods of relief followed by periods of "haha, fooled you fucker." as my skull was forcing my brain to make a screaming and hissing noise.

Over the last two days I received a lot of funny looks when I answered questions incorrectly with information that was not pertaining to the conversation or I asked questions about things that have been discussed as recently as 3 minutes ago.  My mind was not able to focus on anything at all. I could not form long term thoughts and I couldn't put the pieces of a simple puzzle together.

Thankfully it appears as though the demons are gone and I'll be able to function as a normal human being again.  There is, after all, beer to drink tonight!

Tomorrow will be day 14 in a row and then, praise jebus, there will be a day of rest and, football. Oh Glorious NFL Football you have come back to me in the purest sense.
The 1st 3 time slots of the season are all just a tease, a ball tickle.  Cowboys vs Giants - last years Super Bowl winners vs 2 decades ago America's Team.
Sunday 10 am slot is going to have a few good battles with a bunch of match-ups that are not really showing drama or fun at all.  There is nothing compelling going on there at all.
The 1pm slot is going to have a great match-up with Green Bay taking on San Fran.  Is the Packers offense up to par and picking up where they left off?  How is San Fran's Defense going to hold up this year after being such a dominant force last year?  This is going to be a great game (hopefully).

Then, there is the reason I exist - The Pittsburgh Steelers.
They will be taking on the Denver Bronco's in a rematch of last years playoff Hoax!  This time Peyton leads the Bronco's offense which will actually make them a threat for the full game instead of just the last 15 minutes.  Will the Steelers D sputter out of the gates like they did last year against Baltimore or will they show up with something to prove?  How will Mike Wallace look after taking off the pre-season?  How is the father to be going to connect to Antonio Brown against the really good Bronco's D and how many hits will it take from Woodley to rattle Manning?

I can't F'n Wait!!!!!

Are you ready for some Football?

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