Sunday, February 24, 2013

Just Another Root Canal

Oh, and just in time for my recovery.
I'm able to eat solids, just slowly and carefully.  However, that was all by my choice.
I could have dragged out this whole dental procedure thing for another few weeks and been better off in the soreness department but I choose to get it over with as quickly as possible.
They gave me the option of just doing one side of my mouth and when that healed to do the other side.  Not me. All or Nothing. No Guts No Glory.  Less to bitch about too!
So, last week when I was in the chair I had them start all of the preparation on all of the teeth.  One tooth had a Root Canal and one tooth was tapped into and drained of infection.  Three other teeth were ground down so that when I make my repeat trip tomorrow they can pull off the temporary's and do the needed Root Canal's or whatever else is left and also pull that last wisdom tooth that is holding back my stupidity.

So, it is fitting that yesterday I had some delicious Homemade Chili (and will be having left overs today) and while it took a while and ended with me being sore as hell it was so worthwhile.
This morning I just ate my first banana without my gums going bat-shit crazy on me. There is a minor irritation just to let me know that there is still work to be done but it's not really bothering me like it has for the last 4 or so days.
Until after work tomorrow that is.
Tomorrow I get the joy of working an early shift and then heading straight to the dentist without dinner so that I can finish round 2 of 3.  Once again I'm going to be cranky and sore and probably have a whole new list of pills to pop for another 3-5 days to help keep infection and swelling down.
Maybe I can get more of those Hydrocodone as well - oOooOoooO.

After that it should be just one final trip to the dentist to get my permanent crown's on and then you'll be done listening to me bitch and moan about my bad teeth and mouth pain for a while.
Well, at least until the 1st bill comes.

Next up for the ole grrouch is a visit to the Eye Doctor's which I should have done in December and a trip to the doctor's office which I should have done in January.
I know I need to get some blood work done so that they can test my levels and see if there is anything majorly wrong with me.  I haven't gotten blood work done in quite a few years (bad grrouch, bad) so I don't know what to expect.
I think other than my asthma I should be fairly healthy.  I've dropped 60+ pounds and thus my borderline high blood pressure should have gone away.  I've never had any issues with high cholesterol or anything like that, so I'm assuming they're just going to tell me that I'm a fat-ass and need to lose some more weight to get healthier.
This is my desired result, anything else will be unacceptable.
But, we'll talk more about those when it happens.
Both of those appointments will be made in March when I have days off during the week.


  1. Boy, you really are getting healthy; going to all sorts of doctors and stuff. I'm just picking on you. ;)

    I should probably go to one.....or two....
    Last dentist visit was February 2012.
    Last eye doctor appt November 2008.
    Last trip to a regular doctor, June 1999. Only because my mom made me, due possible appendix issues.

    Can you tell I have no insurance, but mostly I hate doctors? ;)

    1. I need to be healthy and I have someone keeping me honest which helps.
      I'm not enjoying any of it though.

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