Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Not Down with the Sickness

Forgive my lack of existing as I've been sick.
Probably dying and could go at any moment.

What started as a simple head cold morphed into the beginning of a chest cold.
I picked a random doctor out of a hat and then went to get drugs.
Every day it gets worse.
Today was the coughing and phlegm, and subsequent headache.
Tomorrow is probably an inoperable tumor.
Friday will be seizures and internal bleeding, followed by the end times.


  1. My sympathies. I just got over some similar shit a few weeks ago. Couldn't sleep from the coughing, and my temperature got to 102. Doc put me on Azithromycin and Phenergan.

    Drink plenty of fluids. Good news is that it will end.

    1. Wow! An antibiotic for a virus; what do they refer to that as? Oh, yeah, PLACEBO. Congrats on making your contribution to the next flesh eating bacteria. I think Grr has a comic book about that.

    2. I was given Azithromycin as well
      Also a variant of prednisone.

      A friend told me to get some RAW honey and RAW garlic and take a spoonful of each every couple hours and that would knock the shit out of it.

  2. Don't worry. Mommy will kiss it and make it all better, little man. And the nice doctor will give you a lollypop. What color do you want, Master Serge?

    1. Well Ken -
      I gave up snacks for the next 39 days, as such I'm going to have to pass on the lollipop
      However, I'll take the cash value instead.
      a penny?

    2. A penny? That's showing your age. Nothing is a penny.

      BTW, Canada just discontinued the penny.

    3. I was assuming you wouldn't give me much more than that - but if you're offering up something of value then go for it.

      Also, the States should discontinue the Penny as that blasted thing just takes up too much space for not enough value.
      Seriously, lets phase out change all together.
      and bills for that matter.
      Everything on plastic.
      Carrying around money? Who does that? next you'll tell me people still use checks

  3. Chicken soup! It couldn't hurt.

    Feel better, grrouch!

    1. I read somewhere that chicken soup was good for the soul.
      I didn't make it past the cover so I'm not sure what that was all about though.

      Thanks Rob.

      Tomorrow I go back to work but I can tell the next few days at work are going to be miserable.